The Modern Exodus: Perception or Reality?

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  • Cheeto
    I left 33 years ago. When I left, you couldn't locate people that left also. Since the Internet tho, it's easier to see how many people have left after I left. Now we can talk to each other, and encourage each other and help others still under its spell. I believe the Internet is just making it easier for us to see it.
  • Hadriel

    @Vidiot I'm waiting for the t-shirts....


  • jookbeard
    it certainly is an exodus albeit slow but steady , the interweb has been so fundamental in helping people get equipped with the info to leave this group, I Ieft when the interweb was very much in its embryo stage I really wonder how many it has helped, this forum alone has thousands of members, add social media,blogs,Amazon and eBay normal web platforms etc it truly is remarkable and it will continue.
  • Finkelstein

    It should be realized that the easy accessibility to information on the inter-net is putting a lot of awareness out to the public about what are the operations of this particular religious sect . Part that information contains some the most incredulous lies and deceptions that this religious publishing house propagated out its own literature proliferation agenda.

    The recent decline in numbers of ones being baptized such as in US is a good indicator of that growing decline in adherence to the JW organization.

    This acknowledgement that the WTS has been deviously corrupt in its operations has draw attention by many of its involving followers and not surprisingly there is greater preponderance of information about the JWS that is damaging than what there is positive.

  • cookiemaster
    First of all, welcome Hadriel! Nice username choice. I think the number of JWs leaving has seen steady increase for some time now. Especially since the internet has reached the mainstream. The more people are out, the more there are to help others see the organization for the cult that it is and encourage them to leave. I think what we're seeing is a domino effect of an exponential nature. The effect will gain more momentum and accelerate over time. And let's not forget they're on a timer. The more time passes without Armageddon coming, the sillier their beliefs seem.
  • Finkelstein

    The other thing to not be dismissive about is that the WTS has been making grandiose proclamations that mankind is living in the last days as prophesied in the bible and has been doing so for well over a 100 years now.

    Those proclamations are now starting to hurt the organization overall in spite of the WTS leaders(GB) trying to put a band aid over those improbable long drawn out doctrines.

    Other Apocalyptic based religious organizations eventually faded out of popularity and adherence, I think the JWS might heading in that direction as well.

  • Hadriel

    @cookiemaster - winner winner chicken dinner. been on here a few months and at least to my knowledge you're the first to get the meaning...nicely done sir!

    I think Fink is dead on here. The scrap heap is getting pretty big these days I just don't see how much more can fit on that sucker before man say enough is enough.

  • kairos

    Imagine if the access to the information we individually discovered that allowed us to make the tough decision to leave was available 20 years ago?

    Everyone uses or will use the internet for everything in the next few years.

    Watchtower can no longer hide it's cult tactics from the masses.
    Plain and simple.

  • Simon

    Yeah, all these people who were promised they'd never go to high school in this system and now they are thinking "hmmn, I'm 3rd generation and my kids are now grown up". It all takes a toll and when you hear the promised repeated you start to have that little voice in your head telling you that it just doesn't add up.

    Next thing you know, you're one of "us" :D

  • truth doubter
    truth doubter

    It's surely a steady exodus and it's gaining speed. 1975 and the early 1980's were pretty significant, but, now tons of

    "new light" is becoming necessary because of the many false predictions and other wrong interpretations i.e. "generation". Also those who have been active for the last 30 to 50 years are noticing the changes. With the addition of the internet more and more are finding facts about WT that they were never told! In fact they were told not to seek outside information or chance being DF'd. More and more are coming to realize that since WT beginnings over 140 yrs ago, everyone was under the opinion that the world would end in their lifetime. They are waking up to the smoke and mirrors scam.

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