Who’s The Best Actor/Actress? Who Is Overrated??

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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    I think Jennifer Aniston is over-rated. She is always playing the same role.

  • flipper

    Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, the English actor Oliver Reed was good ( played the older guy in The Gladiators with the white beard ) .

    As far as female actresses, Kathy Bates was always good, Renee Zellwegger is outstanding in lots of stuff, especially Cold Mountain.

    So these are a few of my favorites. Peace out, Flipper

  • recovering

    He has also won golden globe nominations btw no abuse.

    who else do you think.rates actors?

    Please.show me

  • recovering

    You make no sense

    please show me who else rates actors besides those in the industry

  • FedUpJW
    Who is the best actor/actress? Who is overrated? IMO none living, and all the rest.
  • caves

    Jake Gyllenhaal! I can't stand him. Overrated!

    Sorry to say, but even though I like him... Samuel L. Jackson, overrated! Only good for saying "motherfucker".

    Johnny Depp, Overrated!

    Jack Nicholson, great actor , imo.

    Nichole Kidman, great actress, imo.

    Bette Davis, great actress

    Did I say I hate Jake Gyllenhall.

  • recovering

    Who else rates actors besides the industry they are part od?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Keanu Reeves -- Overrated but reportedly highest compensated.

    I'm surprised Dustin Hoffman hasn't been mentioned. Vastly different roles. Tootsie and Rainman as examples.

    Also, Kevin Spacey. Great in House of Cards. (Too bad he had an attraction for young boys.)

    Actresses -- Loved Meg Ryan (although she always played the same character).

    Robin Wright -- Clair Underwood (House of Cards) and the adult Jenny in Forrest Gump,

    And as mentioned, Tom Hanks

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