Sleeping with the lights on tonight !

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  • Gadget
    We'd watched "night of the living dead" (old B&W zombie film) and she was petrified. While she went to the loo I thought it would be funny to stand outside the door in the dark with my hands outstretched and a zombie face on (I do it really well)

    She opened the door looking back in to the bathroom and heading out (not looking where you are walking in best 'scary film tradition') and turned her head round just as she came face to face with me. I've never heard anyone scream like that before in real-life, or seen anyone collapse on the floor in quite the same way. It's also possibly the longest stream of swear words I've heard in one go.

    If you think that was a good reaction, you should have seen the one I done to somebody. We were working nights in a phychiatric wing of a maximum security prison when I done the same to him. He hit the ground so fast I thought I'd killed him. We're still good mates though...

    I'm a kind of a coward sometimes

    You just need someone to snuggle up to when your watching them.

  • wednesday

    well we had never seen "the ring" and after telling my hubby that it even scared Simon, he and i really wanted to see it. So we rented the DVD. My hubby was not impressed, he kept saying, " I know how she lives, she just keeps watching the movie or she lives b/c she rewinds it, and so on. We thought it had a Blair witch project type of affect. In the end, as best we can figure out, the only way they can live is to show the film to somone else who then becomes the next victim. I'll admit the scence where the little girl is coming out of the TV is creepy. It was interesting, but my hubby likes really scary stuff, and feels it is know where as scary as Alien 1-2.


  • Mac

    I saw that film and would categorize it as eerie. God, how I long for the days when i actually could be frightend by a movie.....such a sweet masochistic pleasure!

    I was also afraid of the dark when I was when things go bump in the night I say ; "Hey, ya mind...I'm trying to sleep over here!)

    Wonder if my youthful fear was "demon inspired"?

    mac(of the would like to recommend the ORIGINAL "The Haunting" as one of the scariest and most beautifully produced horror films of all times class)

  • Angharad
    How did you sleep?

    Not too bad thanks, Littletoe!

    I do find that after watching a film like this, its hard to switch off and stop thinking about it - but at least I didnt wake Simon up by yelling this time

  • Aztec

    Angharad, "The Ring" creeped me out too! Maybe I'm just a chicken....LOL! "Sixth Sense" was the last movie to creep me out so bad. :-o


  • riz

    i watched Ringu last night. i waited and waited for something scary to happen and then the credits started rolling.

    why oh why can't anyone make a scary movie?

  • drwtsn32

    riz: yeah... I didn't think it was scary, but I'm hard to please in that department. I didn't even jump when that hand grabbed the girl while she was in the well.

  • riz

    drwtsn- don't you hate watching a movie that's all hyped up and it totally fails to deliver?

    i've been on a years-long quest to find a movie that really scares me. the best ones, i think, are the classics like amityville horror and texas chainsaw massacre. anywho- i'll keep you posted if i find anything noteworthy.

  • orangefatcat

    I have not seen the "Ring ", however I have seen "Darkness Falls". A very good movie. I really enjoy anything like that kind of picture. Horrors and physcological thrillers. Anything that keeps you guessing or has twists and turns right to the end of the picture.

    I have watched so many kinds of pictures. However I don't like Si-Fi. Oh,I take that back I loved Mummy 1 and 2. But a rule alien stuff is of little interest to me. I enjoy watching how people and their minds snap and what leads them to the terrible things they do. I would have loved to be a criminalogist Or a forensic scientist.

    Movies about serial killers are excellent. I have watch several. Some of these are worse than some of the horrors I have watched.

    Well if anyone can put me on to a great movie let me know. luv ya and t hanks,


  • drwtsn32

    riz: Well, I did like the movie. I thought it was interesting, and it probably would have scared the crap out of my wife. I'm just hard to to please I guess. I guess the first and second Alien movies got me a little spooked. I haven't really seen many movies in the horror genre... maybe I need to try some of those, huh?

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