Had to say something to a couple of cart women in Bentonville square.

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  • blownaway

    My wife and I were walking up to the original Walmart store in Bentonville. Its now a museum. Two women were sitting in the park next to a cart. My wife could see what was about to happen and walked away. LOL. I said to the women you have a lonely job. One smiled and said we talk to a lot of people. She then started in on the rant and I said I am what you would call an apostate. I was one of your kind for 30 years plus. I left when I found out it was all bull shit. The smiles turned to frowns and one walked away and the other said Oh and turned away. We were visiting my Brother in NWA to get away from Irma. I was in a bad mood not knowing if my home would be there when I got back. These simple minded idiots just set me off.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Blownaway... How are you now? How is your home and your neighbourhood?

    PS I am sure you felt better after telling these 2 JW..org zombie robot women their religion is BS. Let's hope they wake up and start living their OWN dream... instead of playing into the GB's dreams of power, prestige, and world wide control over millions of people, billions of dollars and having a huge property development scheme going on all over the world propped up by free labor. Oh, but JW..org GB's is NOT a dream but their true reality!

    And there are suckers born every minute... Glad we are NOT part of their scheme anymore!

  • Chook

    I was on holidays last week and ran into a cart at a market , I ask will god hold religious leaders responsible who go beyond what written and it cost someone their life ? Of course they answer yes , then I relay how wt gb use to forbid blood fractions and some people died, then later made it a conscience matter. I ask who is responsible for their deaths. I relay that it was a man made command that had nothing to do with God.

  • Crazyguy

    Good one chook, they also killed or injured countless ones by telling them not to get an organ transplant from 1967-1980.

  • steve2

    Well, you got that one off your chest, didn't you!

    I'm in two minds about this:

    Sure , the two women are in a public place displaying their crap and should be able to handle all sorts of "feedback".

    On the other hand, yours is a good example of male- displaced anger (selectively taking your anger out on women who occupy a rather servile position within their organization's patriarchy).

    Hard not to see you as a bully.

  • LongHairGal


    I guess there are two schools of thought about telling off Witnesses in public places. These women are pathetic drones in a cult religion.

    I once gave a brother from a nearby congregation an earful when I was once on my way to work. I surely hoped he went back and told all the busybodies everything I said.

    I do think though if they call at somebody's door they deserve to hear it all if they run into an ex-JW. I'd gladly tell them why I'm no longer there and the hypocrisy is intolerable . But, I would try to be as pleasant as possible.

  • JunkYardDog

    bull steve2 he said what he wanted. in alot of your posts you don't like xjws STEPPING UP and speaking out. too bad you have a soft spot wt zombies peddling DOPE... IF you hold up a wt mag or even try to hide it 8 or 80 yrs old man or woman. i'm all over them, i show no quarter. just last week i stopped 4 teen jws in fs, hit them with questions they could never answer about the wt. then when their parents/ elders showed up. i embarrassed the parents for not knowing simple wt teachings In 10 minutes i turned their world upside down, and they knew it. in the end told all the jw kids look up jwfacts andthe kh library to see if i'm lying. i know i hit a nerve because not 1 of 5 jw men had schitt to come back with. i made them look like bibical drunkards in front of their kids. i call that effective bullying. and i will never stop

  • JunkYardDog

    just for the record i was sweet as pie. but i still let them hang themselves

  • punkofnice

    I hope your home is ok blowy

    One smiled and said we talk to a lot of people.

    That was the biggest lie you would have hear all day (from a non politician that is)/

  • eyeuse2badub

    There is no excuse for bad behavior. Venting your pent up anger on innocent victims (which includes all active jw's) may feel good at the time but human kindness and fellow feeling feels good all the time.

    just saying!

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