Had to say something to a couple of cart women in Bentonville square.

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  • tiki

    Free Speech.....if They are going to put themselves out there in public they have to expect anybody can say any sort of thing to them...no matter how vile. And a guy telling them their religion is a bunch of hooey really is not all that outrageous.

  • steve2

    Junkyarddog, I have a soft spot for decency and kindness and not sinking to the level of my old JW colleagues, actually.

    I would try to avoid that level of blunt confrontation with JWs as much as with some ex-JWs.

    I accept though that even other ex-JWs have the right to disagree with me / in any healthy discussion or debate the aim is surely not to get everyone to agree with us - but to better understand one another.

  • jookbeard

    try being a bit more subtle and friendly next time? there are 2 ladies that work the cart in my local town I saw them this week, and every time I see them I take a rag and exchange a few pleasantries, they are genuinely nice kind people we talk about the weather ask them how they are keeping etc, its no use getting into a doctrinal debate with them because they simply are not equipped to debate in that way, I just hope my few minutes with them brightens up the mind numbing boredom they are having to deal with.

  • Incognito

    I think any JW going D2D or attending a cart, has to anticipate some opposition from anyone they talk to. They are ultimately attempting to convert everyone to be JWs regardless of the person's current beliefs.

    If your purpose was to engage them in discussion to hopefully raise a few points for them to consider further, it is counter productive to introduce yourself as an 'Apostate' which only caused them to immediately shut down so they didn't hear anything you said afterward.

    It seems your only purpose was to give them a hard time thereby fulfilling WT's warnings about Apostates.

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