Do Circuit Overseers Give Up Their Lives For Jehovah?

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  • minimus

    I've heard for years how we should really appreciate the Circuit Overseers and their wives for all that they give up to enter the Circuit work... Do you think that's true??

  • obiwan

    I feel sad, for all the waisted time they've spent serving an org that truley doesn't appreciate them.

  • minimus

    Do you think they make enough money where it can be all worth it? Do you think that all the "perks" might be a good incentive?

  • Swan

    Yes. On their retirement travels my Mom and Dad ran into an old CO and his wife in Florida. He was no longer in the circuit work due to advanced years and poor health. They basically had no money, savings, or retirement and parked their trailer on some sisters land. They were a bit bitter, which surprised Mom (that's a good thing).

    CO's and DO's are just like anyone else in cult where they use up people who let themselves be used because they fall for the lies, and then are tossed away like Kleenex.


  • BeelzeDub

    I don't think they have it so bad. I think most R&F JWs have given up far more in their struggle to live. Let's see what they have not had to give up. Where I last went the following was paid for the CO.

    A nice, fully furnished apartment centraly located within the circuit.

    A new car

    Insuranace for the new car

    Meals taken care of by pubs when visiting.

    Under the table perk$ by those looking to get on his good side.

    expenses picked up by congregation

    Worshiped by a new crowd every week.

    Health insurance (? I think this was paid for, but not sure)

    From what I saw most of the COWs were better dressed than most of the women at the hall.

    I don't think they had such a bad life, I think the R&F pub and pioneer driving that old 1990 4 door olds, cleaning windows to keep his wife pioneering without any insurance have gave up far more than the COs have.

  • minimus

    I'm inclined to think that CO's have more perks than even District Overseers. I don't know of too many DO's that people regularly give cash and prizes to but I do know that most CO's are well taken care of. Here's a hint: Whoever gets the best assembly parts or even regular assignments, are the ones that give the best "gifts".

  • minimus

    Beelzedub writes about COWS......Is that how some have talked about those poor Circuit Overseer's wives?

  • shotgun

    I wold think it must suck to be a C.O.....even worse his wife. Same boring talk for a year...bagged lunches, travel aound and point out things that cong need to work on as per head office instructions. You can really see when you talk to them it would be almost impossible to discuss issues we talk about on the forum..they have invested their lives in a lie and could never accept it for such.

    Has anyone known of any C.O's which have departed the circuit work due to learning the truth was false?

  • minimus

    Ron Frye and his wife Mavis left in the 1970's. He was a C.O. for a few yrs. Their story is on the internet, somewhere.

  • orangefatcat

    Minimus, where on the internet can you find the story of Ron and Mavis Frye. I remember them from many many years ago.

    As regards to your post. Many CO's give up their lives, and some of them become sick and then are chucked out. Many are disillusioned and bitter. Having devoted their lives to the ministry. Have you ever noticed how very quickly CO and DO get gray hair and look tired all the time. The wives try to keep chipper but you can tell they are wasted. I agree, CO's do have more perks than DO.'s because they visit cong. more often. There are for sure publishers and elders and MS who try and suck up to the CO. My ex husband was like that. Always kissed ass when these brothers visited the Hall. He use to make me puke... They recieve no extra money from the society the last time I heard. They depend soley on contribution. Gee I wonder if they report it to the government???? I have seen many a brother and sister hand envelopes over to the circuit overseer.

    Well I guess that is all I have to say cuss it makes me sick when I see the hypocricy of so many bro. in the congregation trying to buy their way to postions. I then see how some have spread out feasts to impress the CO and only invite certain ones in the hall who have money in their bank accounts. I have seen it a hundred times. I know, cus my sister was a player. Barf Barf Barf!!! It works my brother in law was made an elder in less then 10yrs. And talk about an abrupt man well that is another matter. Am I peeved? yes just a little, cus I seen him climb the pole real quick. And my sister never hesitated to tell me that oh by the way the CO. called today to talk to my husband.....Yuda yuda yuda.....who cares. They are materialistic show offs.

    Well now that I have blown off steam I feel a tad better.

    Love ya, Orangefatcat.

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