I passed my exam ! (... but 4 more to go)

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  • SYN
    I have seen a few poseurs fall by the wayside. And there are still thousands of microsoft mouse monkeys out there with paper certifications and have never built a box from scratch, recover a failed drive, setup a token ring or ISDN link for video conferencing.

    Couldn't agree more. I learnt all that stuff the HARD way Currently the only thing left over from my original computer in my home box is the stiffy drive...

    Good luck with your future exams etc, Simon. From one C junkie to another, may the force be with you!

  • Simon

    Yes, one of my pet peeves at work is when I have to tell someone how to do something that is not even in what I consider one of my "areas of expertise" but something that they are being specifically hired to work on ... they do't even know what tools and utilities are available to do things and seem really amazed when you show them something I blame managers for hiring them.

  • Robdar


    A big congratulations to you! I always knew that you are brilliant. Also, I can't help but admire a person who set goals and then achieves them. I can think of nothing more rewarding for a husband and father than to help his and his family's dream come true.

    In theatre, it's unlucky to wish somebody luck, so, I'll just say "Break a leg on your future tests."

    Robyn--of the Thespian class

  • frenchbabyface

    No wonder ... you'll got them all ! And wherever you will move to I'll stick to you and your web site ... LOL

    Anyway you still got lots of solution to get rid of me ... just find out !!! LOL


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