I passed my exam ! (... but 4 more to go)

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  • betweenworlds

    Congratulations! Great work

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist


    I apologize. I know how difficult it is to read, study, practice, work, support a household and pass any exams. It is very hard work. I applaude you and I am sorry about the comment concerning other platforms. This is your accomplishment and your day to celebrate!

    You go Boyeeeee!

  • Simon

    Believe it or not, I have used Linux and do have more than one version of it available to use if I need though it's rare I admit - Windows is my main development platform.

    It isn't easy doing the studying but it's not too bad - I've bought the MS Press books which go through the facts and features and have the Transcender test exams which are probably the best things I've got to learn them (they model the actual exams and have details of each question you got wrong).

    It's tricky juggling the family, work, study and the forum but I think it should be worth the effort for make our 'dream' of moving more likely.

    Good luck to anyone else doing exams in whatever subjects ... my missus doesn't shout about it but she's been doing an OU course in Geology / Earth Sciences and is doing pretty good (swot).

    Last time I did exams it was my GCSE's !!

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  • LDH


    I haven't been hanging around much of late, but I hope this will help you in your goal--weren't you planning to move?!?!?

    Anyways, congrats.

  • shotgun

    Oh no Simon...You made it free of the Wt organization and now your delving into the organization formed Bill Gates which is intent on taking over the world!

    Congrats on passing your exams....

  • gambit

    Great job Simon... Stick with it... I couldn't keep up with the technology, so I know what your doing isn't easy...

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Congrats Simon _ one step closer to becoming a Canadian

    Now as for the rest of you... if you haven't bought the cookbook Food at the Proper Time yet - please buy one for the board so Simon can use his own money to pay for courses

    Another shameless plug by .... moi

    see occasional link at the top of the page for Food at the Proper Time

  • Wolfy

    Congrats Simon!

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist


    The certification requirement in the IT industry can become a second job in itself.

    I am now in the process of completing the Novell 6 Upgrade. In order to keep my MasterCNE, I have had to complete IT Project Plus, Linux Plus and now I will have to face the upgrade exam.

    I never upgraded my old MCSE NT4 to WIN2k, but I now realize since competition for contracts and assignments is getting very tough, I will have to upgrade another 4 certifications just to appear current.

    After a dozen certifications, and two degrees, I am still struggling to land assignments. Outsourcing to India and Pakistan is also becoming a factor which affects employment prospects.

    I just started a brand new user group here in Providence called the "OSTUG" Open Source Technology User Group. We were just invited by the Boston Linux Unix Group to join and affiliate ourselves with their meetings at M.I.T. two nights ago.

    We meet monthly and are a vendor neutral group open to developers, administrators, technicians and integrators. I started this group because the former group I belonged to called "SNENUG" was hijacked by Microsoft. SNENUG was supposed to be a group for network administrators and instead, under new leadership, it became a venue for presenters and resellers from Microsoft to pitch every product under the sun.

    The others members put up with it because MS gave away plenty of free copies of software and MS Press books and other items. After the WIN2003 launch, I refused to accept the WIN2003 Advanced Server CD & book and decided to send a message to all the members asking if anyone was interested in a truly neutral group focusing on technology, and NOT on vendors.

    Sure enough, others shared my concerns and now after two meetings we have 20 members, are launching our own web-site (running MINIX 2.0 w/Apache & PHP) next week.

    I have been asked to teach a class at Mount Ida College on LINUX/UNIX fundamentals and things are improving.

    You will notice from your server logs that I visit this forum from the same machien, however using either RedHat 9, SuSE 8, Mandrake 9, BSD or sometimes WIN2K. I believe in variety.

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