I passed my exam ! (... but 4 more to go)

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  • Simon

    I'm now officially certifiable ... erm, I mean certified having passed my first exam:

    070-315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

    I now have 2 more to do to get MCAD status (MS Certified Application Developer) and 4 more for MCSD (MS Certified Soution Developer). If I get MCSD before Sep 30 I get a special "Early Achiever Certificate" which makes it a bit more valuable.

    They should help me with work, especially when moving (just gives your CV / Resume that 'edge') and typically the rates for certified people are higher (some companies insist on only hiring certified staff)

    ... the only downside is that they are £100 a pop to take each test (incentive itself not to fail) plus a fair whack for books and training materials - and the later exams look HARD !

  • LeslieV

    Congrats to you Simon..just reading the names of the tests look very difficult to me. I simply do not even understand what it means. I know you will ace all of your tests. Good luck!!!


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    ATTA BOY, Simon!!! I just KNOW you can do it! You GO, GUY!!!

    Frannie B

  • Scully

    Excellent news Simon! Congratulations!

    So you're not just another pretty face, eh?

    Love, Scully

  • yxl1

    Well done Simon. It can be hard to juggle work, study, family, but you've got the added responsabilty of running this site. I'm studying for my Solaris 9 exams and probably would have passed them by now if I wasnt spending so much time on this damned site!

    Good luck

  • onacruse

    Simon, I didn't know you're that heavy into computers.



  • Angharad
    So you're not just another pretty face, eh

    No, he's not

    Only joking dearest.....well done

  • Nosferatu

    Simon, now you know what the Society says about getting a higher education. You should be spending your time out in the service, preaching the good news of the kingdom. This old world won't be around for much longer. Would it be wise to spend your time persuing an education rather than doing the work that Jehovah God has specifically given to us through his earthly channel The Faithful and Discreet slave? Anyway, congradulations & good luck on the remaining four!

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Congratulations Simon!

    I hope someday you will consider other platforms like BSD in your future.

  • smack

    onya mate.............

    I passed stage one of test and tag at tech last week.

    Not much, but it's another feather


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