WHO finally admits that the shit don't work.

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    Very interesting info re/HCQ. It certainly has helped many with C-19. Dr. Stella - one of America Frontline Doctors, is from Africa and swears by it and is prescribing to her patients daily. I was told by 2 MDs that HCQ is safer than Ivermectin but Ivermectin helps with the C-19 at various stages of infection whereas HCQ needs to be taken at onset. I wouldn't want to take either one prophylactically but certainly want it if infected. Some US doctors have had great success with HCQ but Ivermectin would be my first choice per all the studies.

    No med is candy - many say it is as safe as taking an aspirin which can also be toxic for some. There are couple telemedicine medical groups that have saved many by treating them with HCQ. Whatever keeps them out of the hospital and off of ventilators is a win. Compared to Remdesivir the HCQ is a miracle med.

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    But the Covid vaccines do work.

    They reduce Covid-related deaths.

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    Central African countries that have a high incidence of Onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness also have a high consumption of Ivermectin and a low vax rate... and almost no COVID.

    Join the dots. - https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/scientists-mystified-wary-africa-avoids-covid-disaster-81271647


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    Covid vaccines are killing people but per MSM they're working miraculously. Most all deaths in ICU are the vaccinated per Israel, UK. Might want to check out the heart issues per the American Heart Association's recent info. There are other more reliable info on the ticker/jabs.

    Per Dr. Robert Malone (developer of mRNA in Moderna/Pfizer possibly J&J and others) reliable data this campaign by Fauci, Woodcock and elite cabal has cost over half a million AMERICAN lives (alone) and says to let that sink in for a moment - half a million lives. This info is on twitter today.

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    joey jojo

    If you re going to claim that vaccines dont work, at least present valid, fact-checked information to the contrary- if you have it. Its easy to make claims that only ivernmectin works, especially about countries where reporting levels are unclear at best.

    If you make extraordinary claims that the majority of experts disagree with, at least have the honesty to back it up with peer-reviewed data.

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    Covid vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus.

    Natural Immunity does for a very long time.

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    Brock Talon

    If you re going to claim that vaccines dont work, at least present valid, fact-checked information to the contrary- if you have it.

    I personally do not claim that vaccines do not work. They probably do offer some protection, at least to some degree for some people.

    However, simple observation and logic is all the facts I need to understand that their efficacy is dubious and at best, temporary.

    If vaccines "work" so well, why are so many people still hospitalized with COVID after being fully immunized? Israel is probably one of the most vaccinated countries in the world and it still suffers terribly from COVID. 60 percent of their hospitalizations are of those who are FULLY VACCINATED. You need more than that?


    If vaccines "work" so well, why are "boosters" on the table with alarming frequency? Answer because the benefits are touted as being after two weeks of a secondary vaccine and then for only 6 months subsequently. At least, this is what the CDC itself says. Think about it: they could actually be wrong and it could be WORSE than that... they are just not willing to admit it yet. But this is CDC "fact" as they claim it to-date, with more "facts" like this coming in all the time that paint a continuing poorer story with each telling.


    The CDC has now labeled these "break through infections"... how interesting. "Breaking through"... what? A very poor protective wall, that's what.


    Question: how does the CDC, WHO or ANY organization even "know" that vaccines are working at all then if the 1) don't stop you from getting hospitalized and then possibly dying, and 2) only "protect" you with what little they do for just a few months?


    Question: why does the likes of Fauci and company still insist you wear a mask, socially distance, etc. after being fully vaccinated if the vaccines "work" so well? You need "facts" for this? You already know this, don't you?

    Look, I am NOT suggesting that the vaccines have ZERO value; they probably do have some, especially for the highest risk groups. If people wish to take these on their own terms, God bless them. Let them. I hope it helps.

    What I AM saying is that we all should be able to equally choose whether or not we want these vaccinations, or choose a human sized, doctor-prescribed dose or Ivermectin, Hydroxycholoquine or any other repurposed drug if we so desire. Just like if we had any other non-politicized disease.

    The fact that the Left, Dr. Fauci and the like actually fight against our being able to have other options is obscene.

    Don't you ever ask yourself: why are COVID cases and deaths so low in most African countries? The Left leaning media will tell you that it is a "shame" that they are rejecting the shipments of the COVID vaccines. But the simple "fact" is these countries are using repurposed drugs, like Ivermectin because they had been using it already for other diseases they were suffering. These countries realized they did not need the new "trial" vaccines when they could use a tried and true and inexpensive solution. The thing is, they don't even need to socially distance or wear masks with this solution. AND, it "works" for every variant that comes along.


    If you took off the blinders and did your own independent research on this with an open mind, you would find that the case for the new mRNA vaccines is VERY WEAK and the case of other treatments is VERY STRONG.

    The evidence is there, if you care to look for it.

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