Poor people are sub-human?

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  • rebelfighter

    If the gov't is willing to subsidize all these women who want to be baby factories it is about time they look into solving some of the homeless issues. Some of the chronic homeless issues you refer to is the result of our Veterans who have returned with untreated mental and physical handicaps which we have not addressed.

    There is absolutely no reason why this society should not provide better for our Veterans.

    You also stated when you are hit with hard times like you told dog suck it up make changes and move on and better yourself. For some people that is great advise and very easy to do but other people that is a struggle. Also it will depend on how many hard times they are hit with at one time as to whether they can ride out the storm without some serious professional help. Some of us are built to endure just about anything life can deal out where others are going to crumble under the pressure of one life event.

    Trust me the way you raised your kids did not have anything to do with whether or not they would be tough in life events.

  • DJS


    I agree completely with what you just said. Depending on which source you look at, the % of homeless who are veterans is less than 10%. Many of these have not received the medical care they deserved, and that no doubt has contributed to the issue.

    But we aren't always in a situation where veterans are returning from war where they have been harmed in profound ways due to the experience. And not every homeless veteran can blame their plight on anything having to do with their service.

    But what you describe, for those who have been harmed by the experience, is a travesty.

  • Finkelstein

    Another thing to consider is why do most of the population on this planet seem to hate the poor.

    First off in answer to why do you see JWS elders positionaly uplifted in stature by the congregation of which they attend by other men of the congregations. In JW land elders are publicly presented as positive images for the JWS and of the organization itself.

    A portraying image is very important in cultivating followers, so within that premise the appearance of wealth and prosperity is utilized and exploited to draw in followers as well to uplift the image of the organization in general.

    It also goes in conjunction with men seeking power and wealth and to show that presence of power and wealth.

    Secondly in modernized countries like the US, Canada and the UK poor homeless people are perceived to be lazy non assertive and careless people who look out for others to support themselves.

    Why aren't they working is the most common pertaining question that gets forwarded toward these people.

    Some of these accusations may be true but its not always the case and many have had unfortunate circumstances happen to them which positioned them to be homeless and unemployed.

    The fruits of Christianity (giving) are not exactly displayed inside most JW kingdom halls or open charity orchestrated by this particular religion.

    Rather instead any extra money is encouraged to give to the organization (WTS) to bullster its financial base.

  • Alostpuppydog

    Interesting points. Now I will make mine after reading everything and taking a needed break from this site.

    1. I have reached out to a therapist and see the person once a week now.

    2. I have cut back on watching as much conspiracy stuff, but still do at work because it's either that or music (which I hate).

    3. I have never abused drugs other than ibuprofen in my mid teens to help the pain of gaining 80 pounds from exercising for 3 years straight (now maintaining the weight with a decent diet and regular exercise).

    4. I have applied to technical college and am planning to attend the campus visit (which is within 15 miles from me). Unsure if I will live on campus and go full-time (probably otherwise I will be 100% homeless if I can't get a roommate at my apartment by next year and even then I'll need to work part-time to afford the rent)

    5. I need to change my meds so I don't feel so tired constantly, that, and so I can deal with my depression better.

    6. Figure out what to do with my Dad because he is my current roommate, and he talks constantly about how horrible life is and we should just go on a shooting spree and end it all because nobody appreciates him blah blah and I have no friends and workmates suck. Tho he makes good money, I couldn't do his job and be happy, and he clearly isn't either. So he is not helping my depression at all. My Mom lives on the other side of the US and I have no other family within at least 400 miles.

    7. I was a straight A student in high school and dropped out of med school with straight A's because I hated it.

    Soooooo, I am planning to go to college (trade school) part-time to get back into it in the summer and fall semester while still working full-time (maybe switching the two) and figure out if I will be able to get a roommate or if my Dad will settle down or move to campus. My other option is to sleep in my car with my Ak-47 fully loaded in the JW parking lot and get put to sleep by the police. This other option is my back-up plan if the first plan (and its variants) fail because I refuse to live in a shelter and rot to my death in a slow manner. Would rather go quick you know, if I had to.

    Any suggestions, thoughts, etc.?

  • Diogenesister
    The rebel Because many teenagers in England got knocked up because it was good business, and required no education, but entitled the person to free housing and benefits . I blame the government for being so stupid to allow teenagers to simply get knocked up, and be set up for life. That's the pathetic point. Where was the responsible accountable behavior from the government that didn't prevent this happening? Please note governments, its my taxes that pay for your mismanagement.

    Oh The ignorance is stunning.

    Some young teens fall pregnant because They lack any love in their life, quite often, with an alcoholic or violent parent. Sometimes they grow up in care homes etc etc and if you think a life of miserable poverty, living on benefits in a council flat is being set up for life then why don't you try it? Or if male recommend it to your daughter???

    Have you ever seen the film " Cathy come home"? It kick started help for single mothers as the protagonist becomes homeless and has to literally flee from the authorities, who find her at a railway station in the last, heartbreaking scene, where they take away her children .

    Most teen moms try hard to get an education and an awful lot, despite horrendous starts, turn their lives around. A few are too damaged to do so, but do you really envy them or think they are happy or " cushy"??

    Why don't you talk about the huge swath of middle and upper classes who inherit their money And fiddle their taxes, baby boomers who got lucky getting mortgages for peanuts and do the same.

  • Diogenesister

    A lostpuppydog you don't have to explain yourself to some of these judgemental, got lucky fools.

    You're not In a JC here, kid.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Diognesister, I agree with everything you said, except my ignorance. My point of view was not a blanket condemnation on those that get pregnant as a teen. My point was some chickens in England run about and got pregnant because they wanted a council house, the man was used as meat and the government to pay for it. Now those that did that are not the teen mums that you refer too. But the facts are if a teenager in England gets pregnant they are made for life, and many took that option, and that % was quite a high proportion of those given council houses. What do I base my % on? Those teenage girls from the period I grew up with as a teenager. As for your illustrations I don't have a problem with that, but the government should look at the cases individually, before giving free housing in affluent areas to those that abuse the system.

  • dubstepped

    I'll admit that I haven't read all pages here, but I grew up poor. I also think that some of those sub-human feelings are projection of your own feelings of being sub-human because you see others living a different life. I felt like others looked down on me, and some certainly did, but I felt that way about myself too as I observed others. Poor people have issues or habits that keep them there. They also do a good job of pulling people down if they try to do better. I'm not rich now by any means. Poor is a state of mind and of poor decisions. I clean houses and have a good life. You don't even have to possess a college degree.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    dudstepped " Poor is a state of mind" " I clean houses and have a good life..."

    Brilliant words, and don't get me wrong, I just think when the government spends its (our) money on the poor, the money should be scrutinized and justified that it goes to those that don't abuse the system. As for our own personal wealth, it's in the mind and the life we live.

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