Poor people are sub-human?

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  • Alostpuppydog

    Has anyone noticed how many JW's really seem to be Rollin in it? Escpecially the elders, and they treat their subordinates like filthy gum on the bottom of their shoe?

    Just wondering because I too am poorer than poor and have spent a fourth of my life homeless already and I am 22.

    Another thing to consider is why domost of the population on this planet seem to hate the poor, even though we outnumber the middle class and the rich greatly? I think it is because of gov't propoganda myself?

    Not totally sure here.

  • scratchme1010

    I believe that the haters are not the majority. They are just the loudest. Some elders are not that kind of people, but the system in which they are in doesn't allow them for any humanity that isn't approved by the WT.

    Sorry to hear that you have been homeless. I hope your situation is better now. And yes, there's a stigma attached to it, people tend to feel better knowing that there are others in worse position than they are. That's part of the reason why the JW system doesn't work. Humans should love themselves enough not to need to compare themselves to each other.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I think you may be confusing Hate, with fear. I think when people see homeless or destitute ones, they realize that should something go wrong, they are looking at themselves and they don't like what they are seeing.

    A lot of people, in order to cope with their fears about this, figure the poor ones did something wrong, must have made some bad choices or are somehow to blame for their circumstances. Sometimes this is true but often it isn't and to say that it isn't always their own fault, is the same as saying that they too could find themselves in the same circumstances, even though they think they're doing everything right.

    JW's view the world as hopelessly lost and irredeemable and the only solution is total destruction and starting all over from scratch. This is a way of copping out...a way of feeling ok about not doing anything to help anyone who is in actual physical need, right now. They even view the support of organizations who help the poor etc, as a waste of time and as useless as putting a band-aid on Cancer, yet in their own time of need, they take full advantage of what the world has to offer.

  • smiddy

    You make some good points Pete Zahut , I might add also that JW`s view this system of things as under the control of Satan the Devil so doing anything to help anybody in this system is helping the Devil.

    The WTG&T$ is not a Charity that helps the homeless or disadvantaged person or for that matter their own members ,if their own members get into difficultys they are pointed in the direction of social services and many of the elderly are actually living in church retirement homes

  • DJS

    Dog, the dubs have the lowest average family income of all US religions. Cherry picking a few well to do members does not change the fact that they are the least educated and the least financially positioned of all religions.

    I'm not aware that poor people are hated as a group. Please provide empirical data to support your assertions.

    The behaviors that often lead to being poor, however, are hated, which are laziness, lack of self control, lack of ambition, willful stupidity and a tendency to blame shift their failures onto others and play the perpetual victim..

    Some even invent or embrace conspiracy theories to justify their self imposed condition. It's the Jews, or the well to do or the immigrants, rather than their own laziness and poor decision making.

    When in reality it is the man in the mirror.

    Like you.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    Most of the JWs I knew were very poor, though maybe that says more about the place I grew up in than JWs as a whole. Still, I wouldn't expect people who believe college is a waste of time and the world could end any day to be rolling in doe. Maybe the Org should start paying its pioneers.

  • Xanthippe

    Yes I am aware of this attitude towards poor people. I was born into a poor family. The attitude was that you are lazy, stupid, just not trying. As a child this is hard to take because it's the situation you're born into.

    My father had mental health problems. He lost his dad when he was seven or eight and was put in an orphanage for several years. I'm not sure if he saw his mother at all during those years. He eventually went home but it must have affected him. So he could only cope with manual work, there were few opportunities when he grew up in the thirties anyway.

    My mother was a shorthand typist but she stayed at home and looked after her four children. We were very poor. I am very familiar with this attitude towards poor people. All of my friends became prefects at school but not me. Yet I was in the top classes with them because I was clever too. I really think it's because I wore second hand clothes.

    Anyway I just wanted to say I hear you Alostpuppydog. It was hard work getting a distance learning degree and eventually a good job. It's been a long struggle and I sympathise. Anyone can become homeless. I hope things are picking up for you now.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Personally I have found I am happiest when I live largely on little. In my opinion health is wealth, the air I breath is free. Growing up I also noted the families who lived in the council areas ( government assisted accomadation) seemed to bring up better adjusted children than many of the more affluent families. ( Reliouse nutters excluded) Maybe it was because I noted the parents did things for fun with their children.

    As a family I never attended a football match with my dad, nor did we ever spend valuable time doing things as friends. I learnt from this and the quality time I have spent with my child has been my most treasured wealth.

    Materaliam is great but we must remember every thing we posses, possesses apart of us. In my opinion true happiness comes from being passionate about things. My wife wanted a family holiday to the West Coast of America this year, I managed to put this off to next year as I convinced my wife, that simply spending days at home and weekend excursions would be a more pleasurable holiday. My theory was our son Orlando would appreciate America next year but this year it would have bored him, as he would miss his friends, Pokémon,and thus also take away our enjoyment away from the holiday.

    80% of wealth in England is inherited. So many poor people are those without an inheritance.This is why I purchased property young, and have invested in buying property to rent out.

    My final thought on the matter is that my moderate financial wealth came about because I grew up in London England. Had I lived in less affluent parts of England I would be less well off as my wealth (as is most people's) is tied up in property. Having a mortgage paid off, makes for a very pleasant life. Anyone reading this thread take my advice, never live in rental accomadation if you have the opportunity to obtain a mortgage. But most importantly always appreciate true wealth is not tied up in materaliam,but in how we think, and how we appreciate heath, the air we breath, and the life we live.

  • stillin

    Soap is cheap.

  • DJS

    In the US, poverty rates by one group, families headed by a single mother, contributes greatly to the issue. The cost of child care coupled with lost educational opportunities resulting in lower wage jobs make up the root cause.

    However, among racial and ethnic groups, African Americans had the highest poverty rate, 27.4 percent, followed by Hispanics at 26.6 percent and whites at 9.9 percent. 45.8 percent of young black children (under age 6) live in poverty, compared to 14.5 percent of white children.

    Approximately 70% of black children are born into families without a father.

    So once again, let's not waste a lot of unnecessary emotions about one contributing factor to poverty that could almost be eradicated within a generation.

    By responsible, accountable behavior. Don't get knocked up when you are a teen or young woman without an education, a good job and a stable environment in which to raise children and certainly don't get knocked up by a loser that has no job, no stability, no ambition coupled with a substance abuse problem.

    It's that fucking simple. Once again, personal accountability is the strongest force in the universe.

    Do you really want me to continue?

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