Poor people are sub-human?

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  • GrreatTeacher

    Without trying to be cynical, some people just won't be able to cut it in college.

    We can push that goal like crazy in our schools, but, realistically, some kids just don't have the cognitive ability to do university level work.

    And, that's a natural limitation.

    Sorry for the cynicism.

  • DJS


    No need to qualify. You are obviously correct. Technical degrees, certifications, etc. are a viable alternative.

    My primary point is that a major paradigm shift in the US and other industrialized economies is occurring. It is redefining what being the fittest means. Those adapting will thrive; those who do not won't.

    But you can't fix stupid, or Dog (but I'm being redundant), which is why, as that guy jesus is noted to have said, we will always have poor people..

  • Xanthippe

    Although I basically agree with you DJS because personal responsibility is vital for a successful life, I know that many homeless people (that you said you hope die under bridges) are mentally ill.

    Often because they were sexually abused as children and left home because home was hell. Then they can't get a job because they don't have an address. They can't get a home because they don't have a job. They can't get government benefits because they have no address and bank account.

    I know you will just shout me down because that's the mood you're in but some people are born into unfairness and abuse.

  • DJS


    When you find something I've said in error please point it out. Otherwise my "mood" as you call it is exactly what people need to hear. Enabling them and feeling sorry for those who can help it is a waste of time for everyone.

    One of the great tragedies about the homeless issue is that, because of changes in how they are treated and the lack of long term care available, those with mental problems often end up as homeless.

    You are correct. To a point. The best experts suggest about one third of the chronically homeless are in their plight due to mentail illnesses.

    However, a large % of those with mental and emotional illnesses is due to years if not decades of drug and alcohol abuse. They werent born with it and it isnt due to abuse. It is a choice.

    Including some of my family, who drank and drugged themselves into mental oblivion.

    That is the norm, not the exception, for a majority of the chronically homeless.

    Couple this lack of self control with a desire to avoid work and not follow other societal rules and regulations and you have a defined picture of homelessness.

    I spent many years, financial resources and emotional investment on 2 of my brothers to try and help them quit drugs and alcohol, including studying the bible with them when I was a dub and taking them to and participating with them in various 12 step type programs, some of which were paid by the gov.

    As is typical they always went back to it and the lifestyle. That is typical of the chronically homeless. So when you feel pity for them remember that nearly every one of them has had friends, family and Uncle Sam bleed tears and cash to fix them.

  • Xanthippe
    So when you feel pity for them remember that nearly every one of them has had friends, family and Uncle Sam bleed tears and cash to fix them.

    You cannot possibly know that. I see you are talking about your own experience but not everyone's is the same. You don't even know the situation in my country. I am sorry you have had a very sad experience with your family but not everyone tries to help theirs as you have.

  • DJS

    You are correct. I'm speaking about the US. I know a lot about the homeless issue. I've volunteered at homeless shelters and spent a lot of time working on the issue.

    My knowledge is more than anecdotal or experiential.

  • DJS

    Let's all try to help Dog by continuing his Perpetual Pity Party. Yes, that will work. It will ensure that Dog learns from his life's lessons to this point, both what he couldn't control and what he could.

    Let's all marinade Dog in victimization. Yes, that will ensure Dog picks himself up, dusts himself off and starts all over again. It will help him to clearly identify the situation he is in and make a plan to fix it at Warp Factor 4.

    Yes. By all means, let's continue to placate, enable, molly coddle, excuse and justify Dog.

    The truth of the matter, based on his demographics (young, white, angry male with no post secondary education to speak of, no marketable skill-sets and apparently no intention to develop any) and that he has firmly immersed himself in conspiracy theory la la land that Dog's future is bleak at best.

    Statistics suggest he will or already is abusing various drugs and substances, has a poor diet, takes unnecessary risks, is irresponsible financially (don't get into a car accident with Dog because he probably doesn't have insurance - and I wonder how much compassion you will have then), he will go from failed relationship to failed relationship, and his life expectancy will be much lower than average.

    And the future looks much like the present for Dog until he: 1. Ends the Pity Party; 2. Evaluates his current condition with an honest self appraisal (THAT isn't likely to occur. Dog is more interested in showing off his shiny new CT toy); 3. Make a plan to be in a better place, including ending the bad decisions he is making and replace them with positive actions.

    Dog, consider this world class advise from the father who didn't provide it to you: You have 15 minutes to feel sorry for yourself, kick a can, curse those who harmed or neglected you, feel rage at and try to level those you blame for your plight (the rich elders, the rich Jews, the Jewish bankers - are we sensing a theme here, Dog???). 15 minutes to pout, active passive aggressively, blame shift, fit pitch and flail and stomp about.

    And 15 minutes to lose your ridiculous pride that is keeping you from moving forward.

    15 minutes. After that, suck it up Buttercup, and use the rage and hate in you to fuel positive actions.

    Dog, that's exactly what i used to tell my two beautiful and amazing children when they were growing up and something didn't go their way or they had a crisis of their own making or not.

    They are both ridiculously successfully and functional, and they will tell you that the loving attention they were smothered with coupled by hard lessons when necessary are the reasons.

    Some of you curse me. You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.

  • rebelfighter


    You have no clue what has created some of the homeless situations in the USA. Nor do you have a clue how entitled some of these people feel they are to government benefits. I just finished reading this entire thread missing it as it was going on but these two points stand out. On another point how exactly did you help your family members?

    Point 1: Some of our Veterans and their families LOST their homes during the financial crisis because the homes were devalued and took them through foreclosures. I have no idea what area you are located but there were areas near me that values plummeted 50 to 70%. Banks were not willing to work with these people in the beginning. These people did not want to be homeless they are hardworking tax paying citizens who a member of the family fought for you and me to live in freedom. No those Satan's that work in that financial industry that robbed all of us our money that should have their butt behind bars are still collecting their large salaries and annual bonuses. And now they are paying huge fines and penalties for laws they broke during and after the crisis. Can you relate any of this to another company we know calling themselves a religion?

    Point 2: Personal knowledge my girlfrield's daughter (who we are not happy with) is one of these entitled people. She sits at home. Husband on disability. Now if she has a child the state will pay her XXX and give her XXX in food stamps plus she will get medicare for the child and herself. Now if she has another repeat and recycle. Well at last count we have popped out number 8 at the hands of us tax payers -- just ludicrous!!!!!

    Why don't you describe how you helped your family members? Buy them into alcohol program or drug program? Read them some scriptures.

    Do you understand what truly helping a person in need is? At what lengths would you go to help a family member or friend and I am not speaking of monetary? Do you understand true unconditional love.

  • LongHairGal


    You raise some very good points and I'm not going to disagree with you.

    However, some may feel you are harsh and lacking feeling because they feel that some became poor due to a series of unfortunate events they could not help. It isn't P.C. in today's world.

    I think part of the problem is the modern world we live in as opposed to the past. In centuries past, if a person ruined their life and body with alcohol, etc..,their life was ruined and essentially over..NOW, in our modern western world (especially the U.S.), they get a second chance as a result of rehabilitation, etc.

    But, as you mentioned, some do not get rehabilitated and end up right back where they were. In other words, they have been "enabled" by the things you mentioned.

    Other posters have raised some good points as well, especially about the Veterans and what the banking industry got away with! What a crime.

    However, I do believe the poor will always be with us to some degree. Although, to what degree I would wonder.

  • DJS

    RF and LHG,

    I qualified my statements as being directed to chronic homelessness. What you describe is temporary or transitional homelessness.

    They are 2 very separate issues. Your statements about this are accurate.

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