Medal of Valor given by Obama to JW Grandmother - Check her Lapel Pin

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  • Magwitch

    Off subject......

    I remember a "special needs" talk shortly before I left the org on sisters not cutting their hair short. It was quite strong. Any sisters that did not have some length to their hair would lose privileges.

  • Simon

    She should have gone up with one of those old fashioned sandwich boards on. That's what the doomsday cult religionists used to wear.

    Someone should photoshop it right ...

  • JWdaughter

    Why his grandma? Divorced? Were his JW family even speaking to him? Most JWs are not proud of their children who are not doing things the JW way.

    That was pretty offensive-the huge pin. The little bitty version. . . at least wouldn't have been obtrusive.

  • carla
    She is participating in 'honoring' her grandson? with a medal no less?! I wonder if she ever 'honored' him with a birthday card or cake? Not to sound flippant, just wondering how receiving one of the highest honors there is goes over in dubland? the elders are ok with this as long as she wears advertising?
  • sparrowdown

    That pin is so fugly!

    I wonder if she told Obama that WT says he is the Leader of Satan's system. lol.

  • JWdaughter
    I keep trying to figure out how she fits in his life. She and the 2 sons were listed as his next of kin-though he has a sister. Clearly, she didn't hold back from telling HIM about "the truth", so just as clearly, he rejected WT teaching, as he was buying his son a birthday present. Why does she have anything to do with this man or his life or death? I hope his kids have a normal mom, would you want a JW gramma who is that rabid to be raising a kid who lost his dad while he was buying him a birthday present?
  • oppostate

    Bad form, very bad form.

    But after all, we all know quite clearly she's mentally controlled by the JW.0rg cult-think.

  • zeb

    Thankyou President Obama for honouring the young man fallen.

    So this lady will wear the medal of honour to her next meeting?

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Her grandson was shot to death.

    Leave her the h#ll alone.

  • 2+2=5
    Her grandson was shot to death. Leave her the h#ll alone.

    We tried to leave it alone, but she used her grandsons death to promote a vile cult with a pathetic and hypocritical religious image.

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