Medal of Valor given by Obama to JW Grandmother - Check her Lapel Pin

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  • Da.Furious

    This grandmother found the best way to advertise by wearing a huge lapel pin.


    Some of the comments are really interesting.

    Link to article:

    This was shared on Facebook by a brother. Unfortunately the comments are not really what a JW would expect.

  • stuckinarut2

    That is appalling of her to use this event as an opportunity to advertise!

    Was her grandson even a witness? Would he have been happy with her doing this? She has distracted from the reason she was invited to meet the president. The event was to show respect for his life and police service, not

  • OneEyedJoe
    Her grandson couldn't have possibly been a JW if he was a cop, right? That was always what I was told, anyway - you couldn't work in a job that required you to carry a gun and that might require the use of lethal force.
  • Da.Furious

    Very true. It is so annoying and disgusting. I bet she got brownie points at the local KH or maybe she will get an appearance on JW TV.

    The first picture is interesting:

    Medal of Valor - Robert Wilson IIII

    She is standing with a raised head, show of strength or something. While Obama is head down, sorry for the loss!

    She is there to advertise not respect.

  • stuckinarut2
    Has she been counselled by her elders for her "gender blurring hair style and men's jacket"?
  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I think her wearing that pin was hypocritical and self-serving. I have no doubt that the elders in her congregation urged her to wear it as a "witness."

    It's hypocritical because no JW in good standing can serve as an armed policeman. Accepting an honor for what her grandson did while at the same advertising her religion which disapproves of his doing so is two-faced at the very least.

    I am very sorry the young man was killed, especially in the line of duty. But I have no respect for someone who would use the occasion of the President honoring his sacrifice to promote her own contrary beliefs and serve her New York GOD's (Guardians of Doctrine).

    Have they no shame? No. They must promote the organization at all costs.

    Something, something, something... and the horse they rode in on.

  • pixel
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Makes perfect sense. JW's forbid service to your community such as this mans, and they believe the US government is a shell which Satan uses for his bidding......why not throw on a mini billboard, and meet the president receiving a medal for the honor your grandson served in while you disapproved.

    Arrogant bastards.

  • baker
    can someone photo shop this and put instead...
  • sparky1

    This whole business drives me absolutely insane. It is CRASS COMMERCIALISM masquerading as a form of RELIGIOUS WITNESSING. It is ill mannered, rude, crass, and nothing more than RELIGIOUS HUCKSTERISM!

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