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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @Hecce: I am not allowed PM's but I want to add to your above comment.

    Nathan Knorr made a comment in a semi private moment for the reason he got married. He said sisters were "throwing themselves at him all over the world, where ever he went and he didn't like it, so to put a stop to it, he picked a nice American pioneer sister and marrried her." Case closed.

    The Society always frowned on marriage. It was easier to use single people for their unpaid labor. Then, put a carrot in front of them and tell them they are working for God now... and in the future... God will reward them for their righteous works...

  • Hecce

    Hi Lois, I am writing about things learned by reading about it; regarding Knorr's marriage I remember this sad case that I am posting; I have read also that Knorr's marriage was never consummated. Who knows and who cares?

    Sorry, I think that we are getting away from the topic.

    Charles De Wilda was a young man, with a military past who wondered into the lobby of the Brooklyn Headquarters building sometime after World War I. Asking for a job, he was given one for room and board and a few dollars month. He stayed for almost his entire life.Years later, after meeting a mature sister, also a follower of the Watchtower Society, he asked permission to marry her. The president, Knorr flatly refused. It was against the rules. Bethel members could not marry, they must remain single.
    But in 1952 Knorr married one of the headquarters staff. Later, Charles De Wilda confronted the president, telling him he should leave headquarters for violating the rule, that he showed less Christian love than anyone Charles knew. Charles was reprimanded, and his life was made miserable.
    Having started his headquarters life as a young man, even staying at Bethel during his vacations, now elderly and without funds, he found his life unbearable (this was done by such practices as forcing him to eat alone in one corner of the dining room) and he decided to leave. He stayed within a few blocks of the buildings where he had spent his entire adult life. Workers in the Watchtower Society's factory would see him on the street and in the park, some giving him quarters and dimes so he could stay out of the weather in "flop houses"
    President Knorr heard about the charity, and announced a strick policy forbiding any member to give money or any other assistance, to Charles De Wilda. Knorr had letters written to surrounding congrogations absolutely forbidding any Witnesses from helping him.
    Shortly thereafter, the old mans lifeless body was found on a Brooklyn park bench, the author was told, in the dead of winter, wrapped in newspapers. No announcement of his death was made at the headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses where Knorr had often used him as an example, pointing to his several decades of hard work as "the best book binder" in the factory to illustrate the "proper attitude" Bethel workers should have. In fact Charlie's name was never publicly mentioned again by Watch Tower officials.
  • Steel

    How long has the WTS just been either legalistic nonsense or revelations based rubbish.

    Is it me or is it getting worse? It must be incredibly strange for any outsider to attend a meeting. Especially for anyone coming from a Christian upbringing.

  • FedUpJW

    WT calls these things done to the rank and file "injustices",

    Most often they are called "mistakes", or they are routinely brushed off as "seeming" injustice, "perceived" injustice, or very "rare", and ALWAYS it is the victims fault. Something THEY did that warranted being treated like dirt on the bottom of the governing body's shoes!

    Now I wonder why I am FEDUP?

  • waton

    I hope justice will be done to all the wrongdoers in the wt leadership. for the abuses they dished out.

    justice like the 10 vengeful brothers of Joseph received when they had to come crawling back to him begging to be able to buy for food.

    many here fall into that Joseph category . would love to see the gory scene when wt will eat crow.

  • Hecce

    Information related to Gideon and his tests:

    *** w88 4/1 pp. 30-31 Is Obedience Always Proper? ***

    Jehovah does not expect us to show blind credulity. He does not want from us the kind of obedience that a trainer gets from a beast with a bridle or a whip. That is why he told David: “Do not make yourselves like a horse or mule without understanding, whose spiritedness is to be curbed even by bridle or halter.” (Psalm 32:9) Rather, Jehovah has endowed us with thinking ability and discernment so that, based on understanding, we can choose to obey him.

  • stuckinarut2


    That article is mind bending with its distortion and manipulation tactics!


  • skin

    8: On the other hand, you could mistakenly conclude that you have been a victim of injustice or that another member of the congregation has been. This could happen because of our imperfect view of matters or because we do not have all the facts. In either case, whether our understanding of matters is accurate or mistaken, prayerful reliance on Jehovah, combined with loyalty, will prevent us from ever becoming “enraged against Jehovah.”—Read Proverbs 19:3.

    From para 8 in this WT study. Talking about those in the congregation stumbling us. How is that quote at the end of that para even linked to to being stumbled? Who, upon being stumbled by another JW would become “enraged against Jehovah,” because of it? Could someone please shed some light on how that verse is applied under these circumstances?

  • jookbeard

    "the judge of the earth has always done whats right?" stop there for a second! how long have you got!

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The Judge Of All The Earth Always Does What Is Right

    ... except when he doesn't. Like when he condoned slavery - the owning of other human beings as property to be passed on as an inheritance in perpetuity. Like the killing of thousands of innocent first-born sons of the Egyptians for the sin of one stubborn Pharaoh whose heart was made stubborn by God for the express reason of having an excuse to plague the nation greatly so as to make a celebrated name for himself. Like the killing of millions of innocent animals and babies by drowning at the great flood. Like stipulating the gruesome and horrific punishment of being stoned to death for the comparatively mild sins like being a disobedient child or having sex outside of marriage.

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