Watchtower Study June 18 from April 2017 issue

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  • steve2

    Eventually, the mistaken view regarding marriage that prompted the injustice was corrected,

    Imagine what JWs would say to a churchgoer who recounted an "injustice" in his parish:

    • JWs would NOT tell the churchgoer to wait of Jehovah to correct the injustice,
    • They would use it as an opening to build up a sceptical attitude towards the church authority,
    • They would say, "If you have the truth, you have nothing to fear from scrutinizing your church's beliefs,"
    • And they'd gently persist in an effort to show they are right and the church is wrong.

    Funny how, when the shoe is on the other foot, JWs willingness to practice what they preach by scrutinizing their beliefs evaporates.

  • FedUpJW

    Who, upon being stumbled by another JW would become “enraged against Jehovah,” because of it? Could someone please shed some light on how that verse is applied under these circumstances?

    The old go-to excuse is that if some jack-wad at the KH really does something to piss you off, perhaps even theft or some sort of fraud, and you decide to skip going to the meetings because the idiot elders refuse to handle the situation, even promoting that jack-wad to MS or elder himself, then you are alleged to be enraged against Jehovah. It's just another case of equating men to the same level as God, and you better d--ned well like it.

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