Watchtower Study June 18 from April 2017 issue

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  • BluesBrother

    The Judge Of All The Earth Always Does What Is Right

    Intended as a confidence builder in the Organization ..see what you think.

    Theme is from Deuteronomy but it is really highlighting that passage in Genesis where Abraham had a dialogue with God, (Gen.18) Would God destroy Sodom if 50 righteous men would perish? Or less? down to 10 men it went.

    That passage was a key thought in my "waking up". How could I preach that billions should die because they were outside the WTS? God just is not like that ,or if he were... I could not support him.

    Anyway they say , without further comment that it shows he is always just.

    Interestingly, they talk about injustice "Inside the Christian Congregation" ... Well, there's a thing ! Who would have thought it could happen (or they would admit it)

    They give an example . ( para 6)

    " Consider the experience of Willi Diehl. Beginning in 1931, Brother Diehl served faithfully at the Bethel home in Bern, Switzerland. In 1946, he attended the eighth class of Gilead School in New York, U.S.A. After graduation, he was eventually assigned to the circuit work in Switzerland. In his life story, Brother Diehl related: “In May 1949, I informed headquarters in Bern that I planned to marry.” The response from the Bern office? “No privileges other than regular pioneering.” Brother Diehl went on to explain: “I was not permitted to give talks . . . Many no longer greeted us, treating us like disfellowshipped persons.”
    7 How did Brother Diehl handle that situation? He stated: “We knew, however, that getting married was not unscriptural, so we took refuge in prayer and put our trust in Jehovah.” Eventually, the mistaken view regarding marriage that prompted the injustice was corrected, and Brother Diehl’s privileges of service were restored. His loyalty to Jehovah was rewarded. *

    So he is being commended for defying the WTS and marrying his girl anyway! Good for him. So the next time they make rules of conduct that go beyond the Scriptures...we know what to do.

    The rest of it , I find mainly to be fluff and padding ending up in para 17

    "On rare occasions, you or someone you know may experience or observe what seems to be an injustice in the congregation. Do not let yourself be stumbled. (Ps. 119:165) Instead, as faithful servants of God, we loyally and prayerfully rely on him."

    So they say, stick with it no matter what.. it will all work out in the end .....Maybe , if you live long enough?

  • ToesUp

    Great post. So this guy was shunned for getting married? NICE! WT calls these things done to the rank and file "injustices", we call them pure 100% abuse. Most in WT land just don't get it and never will. If these ones want to remain in Jahs org (cult), let em. I choose not to participate in it anymore. What a relief it has been!

  • FedUpJW

    I wish I were still allowed to comment, I would say, "We see from the paragraph that this brother and his intended knew that the edict not to marry was against what the bible said, so they defied the organization and paid the penalty for following God rather than men. We must follow the words of Acts 5: 29 also, even IF it goes against those who are in appointed positions, if we do not want to make god sad."

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Para 17 says:

    Finally, rather than taking matters into our own hands, let us be determined to be loyal and wait patiently on Jehovah to correct matters.

    Genesis 18:25
    25 It is unthinkable that you would act in this manner by putting the righteous man to death with the wicked one so that the outcome for the righteous man and the wicked is the same! It is unthinkable of you. Will the Judge of all the earth not do what is right?”

    Consider: These sage words are lifted out of context from Genesis 28 where Abraham, far from the instruction to "wait patiently on Jehovah to correct matters" pleads for him to change his mind multiple times.
    The manipulation of scripture and reason to shut up opposition is depressing.
  • waton

    Nowhere is mentioned that those in higher position will have "a more severe judgement", or that they are in effect "judging themselves", and that Jehovah said : "vengeance is mine"

    The Wt org equates itself with "jehovah" so, wait on it. of course we will be waiting for a long time, for the wolves among the sheep act with impunity for they expect their god to be as absent as he was in 1914, 1925, 19175.

    added: In the story of Joseph they fail to mention that it was because of his whistleblowing, exposing the wrongdoing of his brothers that he was nearly killed and expelled by them. sounds familiar?

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Blues Brother: Abraham had a dialogue with God, (Gen.18) Would God destroy Sodom if 50 righteous men would perish? Or less? down to 10 men it went.

    When I read this scripture (in the past, whilst "still in") I would ask, "If Abraham can question God, if the disciples can question Jesus, why can't I question the GB?

    Why are people DF'd for "speaking abusively of the glorious ones"?

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    I couldn't stomach this Watchtower study. As someone with depression and low self esteem who can still tell an injustice and other negative events or occurrences for what they are, I didn't like how the study dumped most of it on YOU, the one who believes and perceives he was wronged. Shut up and don't say a bad word about the Organization, trust in Jehovah and remain loyal. Kind of reminded me of the injustices made regarding child abuse and how congregants are told to shut up, not talk negatively and wait on Jehovah patiently, talking only to the elders but nobody else.

  • FedUpJW

    Or perhaps someone could make this comment, "We see that what this brother endured was 68 years ago, Today we see the same type of penalties imposed on brothers who may choose to grow a short well trimmed beard, even though there is NO bible proof that it is wrong they will loose most if not all privileges as a result of growing one when they are told they cannot have one by appointed men."

  • Finkelstein

    Why are people DF'd for "speaking abusively of the glorious ones ?

    One could say its a measure of the inherent corruption of the organization from its founding members.

    In reflection of the fact that this organization was and has been orchestrated by commercialized false prophets further reconfirms the reason why.

  • Hecce
    Eventually, the mistaken view regarding marriage that prompted the injustice was corrected, and Brother Diehl’s privileges of service were restored. His loyalty to Jehovah was rewarded.

    Remember that the "mistaken view" regarding marriage was corrected not by spiritual guidance but just because N. H. Knorr decided that he wanted to get married.

    The end result of this experience is just a reflection of how much the WT has changed over the years, under today's "divine" rulings the end could have been different. It comes to mind the couples that were DF back in the 70s for unnatural practices in their marriages and that they never got their sanctions rescinded or any sort of apologies.

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