If anyone claimed that god speaks to them personally.....

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  • jambon1

    They'd be viewed as completely mentally ill and laughed at.

    So, how do the governing body get away with it?

  • Xanthippe

    They get away with it by never admitting it happens yet dancing around the question of how big J guides their teachings. They are not inspired, the Watchtower is not inspired and yet if you deviate from their teachings one iota you can be disfellowshipped.

    They really need someone to pin them down and say are you speaking for God or not? So how does god tell you what to say? But they'd be thrown out like Franz if they did that.

  • LongHairGal

    If it were an experience say like when Moses was on the mountain, it would have been in the newspapers.

    But, if somebody said: "God spoke to me while I was having coffee in my kitchen. However, I was alone." How could they expect anybody to believe them?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


    So, how do the governing body get away with it?

    The WBT$ GB "Rock Star" Popes,can say any WatchTarded thing they want..

    JW`s Will Eat It Up..


    The WatchTower..

    INVENTED CHICKENS!................................OMG!!..New Light!!..Chickens!!..

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  • Wild_Thing

    Because they have learned how to hide their crazy a lot better. You don't hear them talk about God speaking to them or coming to them in a dream, they use vague terms like "his holy spirit directed us" and they were just given a "knowingness" that they were anointed.

  • blondie

    Does the GB say that God speaks to them personally? Rutherford did but that was some time ago and out of the memories of most jws.

    By personally, do you mean as a group or as individual people? How does God speak to them, through the bible and the publications?

    I would like to see some WTS quotes where the GB states clearly that God speaks to them and how that happens before I share that thought with any jw.

  • OnTheWayOut

    "Spirit-Directed" is a total cop-out.
    "Inspired" is defined as "moved or guided by divine influence."

    "Spirit Directed" is the same as "Inspired."
    But Watchtower is such a dangerous mind-control cult that they can hoodwink members with their secret in plain sight.

    The Bible was directed by Holy Spirit and is therefore inspired and is infallible.
    The Watchtower is directed by Holy Spirit and is therefore not inspired, just directed. So it is fallible.
    But it is right. Right up until it must be changed, then it was not right enough, but it's right now.

    This nonsense plays all the way through the organization. We are supposed to believe that the Governing Body members are guided by spirit even though they won't say it. We aren't even supposed to know about the 2/3rds majority thing because that would help to shatter our illusions.

    Basically, they cannot point out the absurdity of this whole subject directly. They must continue to talk in hair-splitting definitions of their own terms that they made up.

  • Dunedain

    This kind of nonsense, is from the top to the bottom, of the Org. The R&F believe the crazy, absurdity, that the old cronies are some how being "spoken" to by the Almighty creator of the universe.

    This is accepted too, because it also benefits the men in the congregations, and in turn their wives and families. The elders in every congregation are under the assumption that they too have been put into positions, by God's "holy spirit".

    Nobody "bucks" the system, because it benefits, most. It, as we know, gives the GB their "power" over everyone, when you have people convinced that Jehovah is speaking to/thru them. This "power" extends to the elders, CO's, ministerial servants, and all in "power". It is a "head trip" for all involved.

    The elders wife, thinks she's special cause her husband is "ordained by God", as an Elder. Little Johnny thinks HIS Daddy is special, cause HIS daddys an elder. So, even those that aren't directly given this "power", still benefit from the ILLUSION that it exists.

    This is partly, why this ILLUSION is accepted, and in most cases, cultivated, by the R&F. So, if its accepted by the ones at the "bottom", it is definitely accepted for, and by, the "gods" at the top, who rule from their iron thrones in NY.

    This whole religion/cult, is based on ILLUSIONS. This whole cult, is based on INVISIBLE power. This has been from the beginning, with Christs invisible presence. It continues now to the GB, being directed by god, INVISIBLLY behind the scenes.

    It is ALL, complete and utter, BS.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    OnTheWayOut ยป We are supposed to believe that the Governing Body members are guided by spirit even though they won't say it. We aren't even supposed to know about the 2/3rds majority thing because that would help to shatter our illusions.
    Well, they certainly imply it. Here's an example from 1964:
    "The brother went down to get the mail before breakfast, and when we had breakfast he said, 'Brother Riemer, I got a new Watchtower this morning, and do you know the first thing that Ma and I do when we get that Tower? We kneel down before we take the wrapper off and ask Jehovah to make us worthy to see what the message is that Jehovah has for us. Now, before we take the wrapper off, will you kneel down and pray with us?' How different that elective elder was from this humble couple who appreciated Jehovah's organization." (Watchtower, Sept. 15, 1964, p 574)

    The Governing Body wants it both ways. The members have to live with themselves and they have to rationalize their paychecks. Everything they write, claim, teach, peach, exhort and proclaim is based on based on assumptions. There are no angels, voices, theophanies, visions or manifestations. Everything's invisible and manmade. The organization is registered legally and on paper. Christ's choosing the Society in 1918 was an assumption and was not conveyed in the manner God has employed for some six thousand years (see Amos 3:7). Then there are all those warnings about false prophets. That's got to grate on them from time to time. Even the GB members have to be subject to cognitive dissonance like everyone else.

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