What’s So Good About Not Being A Jehovah’s Witness At This Point In Your Life?

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  • LongHairGal

    HI TAMERIA 2001:

    You said several things that I can relate to:

    You say they knocked your husband because he had what sounds like a decent job to support his family:..they also knocked ME for my job. I am single and had to support myself. If I had listened to these idiots I would not be retired..Bottom line: I think some were jealous and possibly in your husband’s case as well.

    You also say they told you you should put on “the new personality” 🙄.. I had the same thing said to me and can only conclude it was because I would not allow myself to be targeted by users. The religion wants to see women wretched and exhausted doing favors for people. They are looking for Mother Teresa types..Yeah? They can go fly a kite.

    You also said you felt like an outsider and were shunned...Me too..No matter what I did I would have been a perpetual outsider and no more than a hologram on the wall to some people in the Witness religion.

    This doesn’t mean anything all these years later now that I’m out and moved on...It’s just that this treatment made it very easy for me to ‘fade’. Maybe I should consider myself lucky.

  • zeb

    not hearing elders tell the cong that families that cant afford a modest vacation to consider the conventions as a vacation ( go tell that to your kids) and..."what could be better."... oh the self righteous class !

    and being able to have polite convo with women in shops or at the coffee shop and not have one of the 'dragon class' barge in to prevent our imminent fornication.

  • zeb

    hitthe wrong thing heart was a mistake.

  • zeb

    and having the more I get older the intimacy of prayer to my heavenly father in the name of Yeshuah.

    I know a lot of you a null and void on this area but it does it for me.

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    As I watched the matrix series I meditated on if I'm better off with the red or blue pill... Well mentally I am so much better knowing the truth about the truth. The longer you are away from the cult you realize how much better you are without it- and I have never missed it-- years later. Slowly letting go of the fear obligation and guilt has been so freeing. Living every day in the present is wonderful! Cheers to all of you for being smart enough to get OUT!!

  • minimus

    I don’t miss any of the religion. I was devout. Not one bit of me yearns for the past life. I realize what a waste it all was.

  • Olig


  • smiddy3

    What’s So Good About Not Being A Jehovah’s Witness At This Point In Your Life?

    The very fact that I and my immediate family 10 all told are no longer Jehovah`s Witnesses .

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i wish i could get my family out.

    the problem--as i see it--is the fear and loss through shunning is what binds them together.

  • WTWizard

    No wasting my time on boasting sessions or field circus, including when I get only 3 or 4 hours sleep between work and a boasting session or between a boasting session or work.

    I can listen to whatever music I feel like, not what the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger allows. I see fit to listen to Led Zeppelin? Fine. Def Leppard, same thing. Or whatever rap music I wish to listen to.

    No more worry about those Christmas songs. Many are enjoyable to listen to, even if I believe jesus is nothing more than a lie. I also enjoy the holiday for what it was--a pagan sun worship festival. (And do it anyways.)

    I can observe what is going on in politics without the hounders making a big deal about it. Things such as "[bad candidate] is going to be elected (fraudulently) or installed despite not being elected, and then Noahide Law and heightened political correctness and even the social credit score will be installed." without having the hounders claiming I shouldn't have an opinion (or even seeing it as fact).

    Being able to do horoscopes. Some are too brief to have any chance of being accurate--I put no trust in sun sign only horoscopes because they are too vague. But, I can see all the planets and make predictions about what tendencies come from them--whether or not they happen.

    My money is not for the washtowel. If I feel like buying silver, I will buy and keep the silver without worrying about donating to a god that I feel is trying to enslave us all and will, with or without my help and soon enough.

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