NEWS 5 INVESTIGATES: Sex offender going door-to-door

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  • rebel8

    Ah, well, military records aren't online for living veterans.

    I did find this interesting VA proceeding indicating pedophilia was not caused by military service in one person's case:


    Just for the record, I'm not supporting this guy. I can hear Dubs thinking what I wrote, "He paid his dues....repented...Blah, blah..."

    The link wasn't showing up on my phone earlier, now I learn this guy was in the Special Forces??!! Lol!!


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Where I live they were sending pedophiles or as I like to call them baby or child rapist out with some young person who has not a clue of their back ground. Or with the pedophiles wife who married him with a little girl like that would protect the public. It is just really and truly sick. They cannot be cured and some BS that he could not help it because he was in the war just shows that he has not regret as far as I see it. 95 to 99 percent re-offend period. Those are not odds I want to stake a child's life on. There is a special place in hell for those who are allowing it.


  • rebel8

    I did understand that, data-dog. But some people actually believe pedos can be reformed, just like any other criminal, which is why I commented.

    I crunched some numbers from his story to see if it adds up, you know, because sociopaths tend to be lying liars who lie a lot.


    Late 1950s-Army Special Forces deployed to Vietnam (still deployed in combat today—although I am not sure “special forces” means just one branch of the military)

    November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975: Vietnam War. Ivery claims to have served. He was ages 5-25 years old.

    August 2, 1990 – February 28, 1991: Desert Storm. Ivery claims to have served. He was ages 40-41 years old. Can anyone confirm someone of this age was deployed in combat in Desert Storm?

    1992-He is 42 and rapes his 9-year-old stepdaughter (who would be 33 years old now).

    ??-in jail

    ??-becomes a jw

    August 2016-He is 66 and is confronted while in the door-to-door work and denies being a pedo, on camera

    August 2016-he agrees to an interview with an investigative reporter from KOAA Colorado, and tells the reporter “those urges were brought on by post traumatic stress disorder after serving tours in Vietnam and Desert Storm while serving in the Special Forces”.


    Even if he enlisted at 18, would he have been called back to serve in his late 30's for Desert Storm? What did he serve, waffles??!??

    To be a member of the "Special Forces" of any military branch, you've got to be, well special and specialized. I would assume that if he was in the Special Forces, that he would be a career Military man, with "street cred." It's not like TV, where some super soldier retires for 20 years, and a Black Helicopter lands on his lawn, then the "General" says, "Your country needs you!"

    Where the hell did he find time for prison? Was he discharged and then started raping kids? His story sounds like BS.


  • Heaven

    It would be interesting to find numbers on military people who are pedophiles after they've seen action because this is news to me... that having PTSD from war can cause someone to be a child rapist.

    Remember what was presented at the ARC:

  • joe134cd

    He done a terrible thing, and I'm not making excuses for Wt. I will say how ever good on him for fronting up and taking ownership for what he did. I think Wt could learn a few thing or two from this guy.

  • rebel8

    Taking ownership? He denied it on camera.

    He didn't admit it until there was a hubbub on youtube and an investigative reporter confronted him. He admitted it when he was backed into a corner, and then he blamed it on the military.

    I see no ownership being taken.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Does anybody know for certain whether he was a JW when he molested his stepdaughter?

    Even more important, in my opinion, is how the heck did he only serve a year or less of a 10 year sentence for molesting a minor he was supposed to protect?

    There may be more to this story that we've heard so far...

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Where is Joe Kenda when you need him?

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