NEWS 5 INVESTIGATES: Sex offender going door-to-door

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  • OrphanCrow

    By Carlos Vergara, Investigative Reporter

    COLORADO SPRINGS -66 year old Waymon Ivery is re-living a nightmare that happened more than two decades ago

    “I Had no idea clue as to the effect that it would have."
    Sitting in the KOAA studio conference room,he admitted his regret.
    Ivery is regretful for his actions, and effects it would have on his then 9-year old stepdaughter that he was convicted of molesting in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1992.
    His case came back to the forefront after a man named Roman Vargas approached Ivery with a video camera and surprised him with a question to a crime he had served nearly a year for, after being sentenced for 10 years.
    But just hours after the video began to make the rounds on YouTube , Ivery was living what he thought was ancient history.
    Commenters on social media websites began to make their opinion public. One person wrote: “...this cult's days are numbered.?" Another wrote “JW’s and child protection issues just don't seem to mix well. What is the matter with them.”
    And that’s exactly why we posed the question to the religious group.
    Several calls and emails were made to the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witness in New York...They went unanswered. We also tried to contact several elders within the group locally. They initially said they would contact us back with more information. But that never happened.
    So we went in search of answers directly from the people who go door to door...
    We found them knocking on the doors of Lazy Lane Circle in northeast Colorado Springs.
    They were not too happy to see us, and told us that we should follow the instructions on their website. They slammed the mini van’s door on our camera’s.

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    Can I get an "AMEN!!!!!"?!?!?!???

    DD 😇

  • sparrowdown

    The article towards the end states "Jehovah's witness policy is that they never approach a home and knock unless there are at least two people."

    B and S - I know plenty of brothers and sisters that go alone on their BSs, RVs and door to door all the time in fact many prefer it - I know I did too towards the end, it was just easier than trying to make arrangements with others. And what about the odd person out at the end of a field service group??

  • sir82

    And even if "at least two people" really were an official JW policy...

    What prevents the child molester half of the pair from noting the address where children live and returning by himself later?

    You want a conversation stopper that has no built-in response in the "Reasoning" book?

    Next time a pair of JWs knocks on your door, ask "so which one of you is the child molester?"

  • sparrowdown

    Any sane person would not want a child molester coming to their house whether someone else was with them or not.

    The other point to remember is the other witness would not know the person they are working with is a pedophile. They could have their child with them or in the car group whilst going door to door with Brother child molester!

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    How ignorant or arrogant is this WT society? You would think that with the bad publicity and for PR reasons they would not allow any convicted rapist or child molesters to go door to door. I know there thinking is he has repented, this is good enough. I agree that he has served his time and should be given a second chance but still for even bad PR he should be not allowed to go door to door.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    What prevents the child molester half of the pair from noting the address where children live and returning by himself later?

    What the WT seems to not understand is that not everyone has good intentions. These type of predators gravitate to positions of trust like school counsellors or religious leaders. Again I know the WT justification are he is repented of his past sins but don't get it that predators are very manipulating and not always are what they seem on the outside.

  • sparrowdown

    Didn't they introduce a few years ago that you could request a "personal territory map" that you could work on your own at your convenience? I remember that arrangement being very popular in our cong.

  • Dunedain

    Isnt it "funny" how the article says that the JW's that were out door to door, and being questioned by the media, SLAMMED the van door in their face.

    Well isn't that interesting. The JW's have been lamenting for years how they are SOOO rudely treated, and always getting doors slammed in THEIR FACES.

    Well they sure as shit know how to slam doors in other peoples faces, when the "need" arises.


    Their sins have amassed up in heaven, indeed.

  • EndofMysteries

    Other than returning alone, what prevents from befriending families who trust him as a man of God, and even far down the road with that trust end up alone w/ their kid?

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