I yelled at dubs today ( again )

by kairos 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • LongHairGal


    Different people are going to judge what you did differently.

    I can well understand the pain the JWs have caused and the frustration you feel.. My issues with these fools are their hypocrisy and selective memory loss. Witnesses don’t care who was damaged by the religion’s teachings!! Even though some people here feel ‘sorry’ for them as victims, I cannot - especially at this point.

    I won’t approach them though. However, if they came knocking at my door then I’ll say whatever is on my mind. I’d tell them I know about all the changes in the religion; how they are constantly asking for money and as somebody who was criticized for my job they’d never get anything from me!

    As long as you’re not doing anything threatening or illegal that’s fine. They are peddling crap and wasting time. They have to know this at some level.

  • SAHS

    Yes, I believe in dropping some poignant “truth bombs” directly at JWs, but in a controlled and at least semi-respectful manner. It’s only fair, as the JWs have been going around pushing “NON-truth-bombs” (lies) at everyone’s doorstep for many decades. They have been spreading extremely insulting rhetoric and vitriol against “false religion” (non-JW religion) without even giving it a thought.

    So, if the JWs want to push their lies and ever-changing quirky propaganda, doing so while pounding the pavement for collectively millions of hours annually, then surely we have the right to politely call them on it and make them think. Remember: knowledge is the most powerful ointment for blind eyes.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    You are a jackass for yelling at anyone. Especially old ladies. What a fool.

  • ttdtt
    To be perfectly honest, I am very angry, bitter and heartbroken.
    This evil cult ruined my 22 year long marriage, cost me 25 years of my life and the loss of a handful of very good people.

    DITTO (but add some years)

  • kairos

    Today on the way home from work i saw one of the two dubs at a cart with another older jw i also know.

    I pull over and walked up to their cart, sat down next to them.

    i asked her, "do you remember what i yelled at you?"

    She said, "no".

    I repeated to her that they cannot teach the overlapping generation teaching from the bible.

    They said they couldn't talk to me.

    I just kept telling them things until they packed up and left after two or three minutes.

    I reminded them the the generation of 1914 has passed away and that part of their donations are going towards pedophile lawsuits because of the two witness rule.

    I followed them across the street and asked them what happened to their 'christian boldness'?

    They just clammed up and pretended like they were having a conversation with themselves and couldn't hear me. They heard me.

    I told them I will be stopping every time I see them.

  • LongHairGal


    While I understand your anger, just be careful that you don’t get hurt following JWs across the street. Watch out for cars! If anything happened they would say: “see what happens....!” You know what I’m saying?

    I wonder if they could say you are harassing them??? Think about this.

    I know it’s not easy (and we have all gone through this) but try to move on with your life and not be obsessed with rubbing sh#t in the JWs faces. I doubt if you’re going to make any Witness see anything unless and UNTIL they have a personal rude awakening!

  • caves

    Kairos-I just kept telling them things until they packed up and left after two or three minutes.

    Yep, cowards.

    Id carry a recorder if you plan on this again. Wouldn't want them to turn around and report you.

    You know they can report stuff like that as stalking, but not pedophilia. yuck.

    They sure cannot handle anyone speaking but themselves.

    Might be a good idea to have some jwfacts printed out to carry around so you can claim that you too, are carrying a message.

    Stay safe.

  • StarryNight9

    hehehe.... what about printing up some custom "tracts" (JWfacts, etc...), stand by their cart, and hand out the "tracts" to everyone who passes by?

    *don't even bother with the witnesses. They can't complain about someone standing on a public sidewalk - they're doing the same thing!

  • Diogenesister
    Many of my jw family has had no problem throwing it in my face( sometimes yelling) that Im going to die and even laughing at me. 20 years I put up with it.

    I mean honestly. At least we dont go up to them and shout "Your just going to bang your head against a brick wall for cult that takes all your money then DIE and ROTT IN THE GROUND FOREVER HA HA HA!

    Its horrific that they say such things to people they ostensibly LOVE let alone the "despised"worldly ones. After all, too, Kairos only yells when the dubs dont listen to him....they expect others to listen to them and indeed we DO listen to them. We actively want to listen to them, to discuss things with them. To hear their opinions, yes, as part of a respectful conversation.

    Print off some jwfacts as others have said.

    By the way:Caves and Kairos, perhaps we could get a whats App or Skype or facetime group together....??? We could call ourselves "The Angry Apostates." Why not? LETS OWN IT!!!

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