I yelled at dubs today ( again )

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  • sparrowdown

    I am in two minds on this issue.

    I know in their indoctrinated state their minds are impenetrable and anything you do or say they will use against you as proof of their beliefs.

    But, I also believe this so-called "persecution complex" response is just another way of shutting down discussion and anyone that dares to disagree with them. It's like "play by my rules - or else I'll scream persecution."

    When in reality, the truth is, anyone who publicly peddles a belief system by way of unsolicited home visits needs to be questioned and challenged hard! Everytime - even if it makes them squirm and feel uncomfortable.

  • StarryNight9

    It might be more fun to (calmly and logically) approach each of your neighbors and prepare them for future JW visits. Ask if they want the JWs to stop bugging them. If so, offer them questions (and internet resources) that will make the JWs highly uncomfortable (pedophilia cases, failed predictions, higher education, shunning, etc...). Use whatever each neighbor would find most objectionable and would be unlikely to let the JWs "explain away" without serious resistance. At least one of the neighbors should prick the JWs cognitive dissonance - especially if every door rebuffs their nonsense in an educated and calm manner. Getting treated as dumb/crazy/uninformed by an entire street (or streets) should bring out some doubts. Or they'll run away from aposta-land for good....

  • kairos

    To be perfectly honest, I am very angry, bitter and heartbroken.

    This evil cult ruined my 22 year long marriage, cost me 25 years of my life and the loss of a handful of very good people.

    Everyone is different and I choose to yell.

    The bigger question is how it effected them and how many dubs they told.
    They will never forget that.

    What would they actually say? Future assembly experience:

    "He yelled at us, in tongues, and we were scared. He had us cornered on a porch so we prayed to Jehovah right then and there. The demonic apostate could no longer see us, so he went back to work confused..."

    < clap, clap, clap, clap >

  • steve2

    Interesting that some quote Jesus actions and words when he entered the temple and overturned tables and loudly denounced the religious leaders. We should do the same, they argue. Okay - go ahead. Trouble is, you may be charged and convicted of a number of crimes, including disturbingvtge peace and menace, among others.

    Men will always be a be able to justify their bad behaviour by pointing to the injustices and wrongs they have suffered. Every dysregulated male has a hard luck story upon which to plead whrn called to account. Yelling out to known persons across the road - persons you know are trying to avoid you - is stupid. And, as I stated before, ineffective.

  • just fine
    just fine

    I think you have to work through this your own way. If yelling across the street helps you to work through your anger, then let it rip. Just don’t get stuck in the anger and bitter spot, feel it and move through it.

    You didn’t like the way it made you feel - so maybe try some other outlet that does make you feel good in the future.

    You cant control or change other people, only yourself. I hope you can find peace on the other side of this.

  • scruffmcbuff

    More power to ya.

  • caves

    Kairos-To be perfectly honest, I am very angry, bitter and heartbroken.

    I totally get it.

    Must be nice for all the apostates to play nice with the jw as they have played nice with others. (rolls eyes) FUCK THAT!!!

    Sometimes you got to let it out. Sometimes.

    Many of my jw family has had no problem throwing it in my face( sometimes yelling) that Im going to die and even laughing at me. 20 years I put up with it.

    Now if I want to speak my mind aggressively. I muther fucking will, without anyones cheap ass approval.

    Within the constraints of the law.

  • kairos

    Yes, Caves.

    I get upset at the sight of them, my heart races and I feel anxious.

    My plan is to just drop truth bombs and move along. No mocking, stalking or weirdness.

    I'm just some loud mouth saying things they'll never forget.
    When they hear things related to my words, they will recall them... CLEARLY.

    Next time they hear 'Overlapping Generation', they will remember that I told them it was not a bible teaching. They likely have already come to that conclusion or the cognitive dissonance is firing so hard they are in a trance.

    The material they see it in will NOT include a biblical explanation.
    No proof texts.
    They can process that as they see fit...

    All can say, is:

    If you don't like me yelling at you, stay of public while recruiting.
    I've been yelled at plenty of times while going door to door or doing street work.---

    A favorite from 10-15 years ago~

    I was trying to leave a tract or magazine with a guy pumping gas.
    He said in LOUD voice as I was walking away:

    "You'd have to be on ACID to believe that...
    ahh hahahahahah, ( takes breath ) hahahahahaha!!!"

    I should have listened

  • caves


    Thats what I felt from your post, just exactly how you last broke it down.

    I remember getting yelled at in service. Does that mean I was going to go try and find jws to yell at now , no of course not.But I have in the past to 'Defend my personal truth' and I did feel ashamed, honestly it was a mixed bag of emotions.

    I not long ago had a jw come knocking and I was about to cut loose but upon opening the door they had their maybe 5 yr old with them. I just said no thanks and closed the door and shed many tears. (I felt sorry for the child) It hurt seeing a little tike like I was at one point and feeling helpless to state any case.

    However Two elders passed by and was asking for directions and were being that fake nice pushy jw thing , so I told them the wrong directions. Wanted to yell, but it was a little satisfying to watch them circle again lost, giving me a look like "we wont bother him".

    It IS that 'trance thing' that keeps me from ripping them a new one. I even slip into cognitive dissonance sometimes and have to pull myself out of it. Grrr... This site is helping.

    Im plenty pissed, and completely heartbroken.

    But one thing Im trying really hard to do is put some 'faith' if you will, in what so many have said on this site. That it will and does get better. I have yet to find out. Hence, Im still really struggling.

    I felt connection with your post. It made me feel not so alone.

    I'll be real honest. I get totally jealous of others here that have family that are out and have some support beyond this site. I recognize that about myself and then I feel like crap for feeling that way.

    But so many others here have no support.

    Heres to hoping it gets better and better. I dont think I would be human or even a chance at normalish if I wasnt completely infuriated at it all.

  • Crazyguy

    I often post some crazy idea on Reddit, like trying to get my wife dfd for breast feeding my kids when there’s tons of white blood cells in milk. The responses I get are that I’m crazy I’m stupid I’m a jerk etc etc. But here’s the Rub all I’m doing is coming up with an ideas that just shows how crazy thier doctrines are and I’m attacked for it by ones in the Ex community.

    So if it makes you feel better to yell at JWs go right ahead ! Each person is effected differently by the cult. So yell baby YELL!!!

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