Heil Trump. Sieg Heil.

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  • oppostate

    Crowd looking like they're doing the Heil Hitler salute to Trump when he asks for a pledge and swear their support while calling for broadening torture laws

    Trump asks backers to swear their support, vows to broaden torture laws


  • sir82

    I think I posted this before:

    Donald Trump scares me far, far, FAR less than the fact that there are apparently 10's of millions of Americans of voting age who are stupid enough, or bigoted enough, or hateful enough, to be willing to vote for him.

    Trump will go away after November 2016, or maybe even June 2016 after the GOP convention, back to reality TV or real estate development or whatnot.

    But there will be 10's of millions of stupid, hateful, bigoted Americans with a penchant for violence who will want to vent their frustration on others.

    THAT is what scares me.

  • ttdtt
    He is a narcissistic ingenuine dangerous man.

    The voting system is rigged. It's all a scam. No matter who wins, we will still be let down. The big fat cats who own our representatives decide who wins. Republican, Democrat, it doesn't matter. Independent, meh....they exist for the illusion of choice.

    Torture?? It happens everyday, all day. Do you think American soldiers and law enforcement agents take the moral high ground during a battle or an interrogation? That happens on TV.

    Yes, there are good people trying to affect change everywhere. Yes, there are good people in the Armed Forces and Law Enforcment, but the system is broken. I don't lose one second of sleep wondering if Trump will win and build a giant wall, or about Nuclear War.

    Let him win, I say. Things won't change that much. If it all goes to hell, we can consider it part of the evolutionary process.

    What candidate is really better? Hillary?!? LOL!!! They all have their own agenda, their legacy, which includes kissing ass and trying to herd cats.


  • ttdtt

    Really - you think Trump is just a good man looking out for the little guy?

    If so = let me tell you about a Kingdom that will come soon where you can hug Bears and Lions:)

    Please read this tract...

  • juandefiero
    Really - you think Trump is just a good man looking out for the little guy?

    Did you even read DATA-DOG's comment? Where does he say anything like that?


    Yeah, I don't even know how you got that out of my post.


  • ttdtt

    Im reacting the the immediate (-)'s the Dislikes.

    Not the comment. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

  • Finkelstein
  • LisaRose

    He is a disgusting, hateful man that appeals to the lowest common denominator. From all the dislikes on any comment that is not positive about him it appears we have a lot here that support him.

    I want to ask those of you that like him why that is? What do you imagine he will do as president that will improve this country?

    You do realize that illegal immigration has slowed down in recent years? That there are less illegal immigrants now than ten years ago? That the big beautiful wall he imagines he will build will cost billions more than he thinks? Where do you imagine that money will come from? You do realize a president cannot pass a budget on his own? Illegal immigration is a complex subject that defies simple solutions, a wall will not fix it, no matter how big. This problem got that way because there has been no political will to solve it, electing Trump will not change that.

    Is it just enough that he hates Muslims? That he approves of torture? Do you not know that very little usable Intel is ever gotten that way? Do you imagine dropping bombs on Muslims will fix the problem of terrorism? It won't, there isn't enough bombs in the world, all you will do is start another expensive, uwinable war, you will simply create more terrorists. After the disaster that was Iraq you really want another President that is itching to start another war on Muslims?

    Trump is not the brilliant businessman he purports to be. His father set him up in business with millions in loan guarantees, he is not a self made man and his business failures are as common as his successes. He doesn't even have a financial stake in many of the buildings that carry his name. Trump is just very, very good at self promotion. He has proven he can lie, about everything, with a straight face and bravado. He knows his followers don't care, and he appears to be right.

    I should be happy he is winning the Republican nomination, as it guarantees a win for Hilary, but it just makes me angry that so many in this country are willing to vote for this worm. Immigrants are not the biggest problem we face in this country and even if it was this man is not the solution. When people are asked why they support him they say "he tells it like it is" or "he is good at business, so he will be good at running the country". The problem is he doesn't "tell it like it is" he "tells it like people want it to be" , at least some people and business success doesn't necessarily translate to political success, even if he was a brilliant businessman, which he is not.

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