Front cover of the 2017 Watchtower - unbelievable!

by freddo 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • freddo

    Study edition. January 2017. (Can someone put up a link please?)

    So there depicted are a group of younger dubs out witnessing in remote Chile following a river in the Andes mountains. Just look at what the women are wearing. Skirts!

    They're out hiking with backpacks on the ministry and they're wearing freakin' skirts.

    Who in their right mind expects women to wear skirts in such circumstances? If you ever thought the GB and its band of crusty helpers were going to move into the latter part of the 20th century, let alone the 21st without being forced to by the desire for money or self preservation then this surely illustrates the point.

    Edited to add: And the brother is wearing a tie! Jeeez.

  • pixel

    And no tight pants.

  • blondie

    At least they have warm tights and proper boots no heels. I went out on snowy days where sisters showed up in dress boots (shiny vinyl) and 3 inch heels.

  • Vidiot

    And they're clean.

    Which does NOT happen when you hiking or camping. :smirk:

  • biblexaminer

    They were flown in and out by helicopter.

  • blondie

    I don't know how you go hiking, vidiot, I am always clean. I don't roll around in animal dung or animal wallows and I know how to wash my hands and face and carry hand soap. Now some men don't even wash their hands when there is soap and running water in a nice warm, clean restroom.

  • blondie

    How did you get the picture, freddo, without a link?

  • Schnufti
    They're out hiking with backpacks on the ministry and they're wearing freakin' skirts.

    That's exactly what I thought too!!

    There are congregations where you could be pulled to the backroom if you are a sister wearing pants for ministry.

  • baker

    Looks like the wilderness and they are surveying a place to put a magazine cart, just in case a hermit comes by.

  • freddo


    I didn't. Pixel did!

    Also if you are walking in that terrain you will get mud on the lower portions of your clothing; its like Jesus and the apostles depicted in JW publications - white robes seem to be the result of washing powder being within ten paces rather than in the reality of the dusty and muddy environs of the sea of Galilee!

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