What Do You Think of Dr. Fauci?

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  • Jeffro

    The US has a lot of community transmission so it’s not just about international travel. Also, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan and Norway are developed and have much fewer Covid related deaths per capita than the US.

    The fact that Australia is “mostly empty” doesn’t actually help your position either because it only demonstrates that the majority of the population are concentrated in a relatively small area, where community transmission would be more likely when not accounting for other factors. Also, Australia’s smaller population is not directly relevant when considering deaths per capita.

  • Nikolaus

    Interesting to see how people here judge a person they do not know in a field they have no competence in because they do not like the message he delivers from a position of expertise.

  • minimus

    If I went to a doctor who always changed his opinion from one week to another I’d have no faith in him.

  • nonjwspouse

    Just some facts


    also, Fauchi was advising the president during the rushed 1976 Swine Flu vaccine


    Though I was a teenager during that time I did not get the vaccine, by choice. Not to long afterwards the vaccine was halted.

    These past history facts are worth considering. Even more so when the same Dr. has been both very involved, and giving such contradictory information.

    For the advice to be given that a person having had covid19 needing to still wear a mask and socially distance, keeping many schools and businesses closed, is high control chaos to our own economy. ( Just as the allowing of uncontrolled immigration at our borders is chaos.) It is the setting for a perfect timing of a coup. Just read your history.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @Jeffro: you’re just cherry-picking data now. What about Belgium? Italy? UK? They have twice and even three times the death rate. They are also, like the US in the middle of major trade routes and thus have a lot of international travel.

    Australia is not very densely populated. Their major cities are roughly the size of Chicago and their capital the size of LA. There are literally more travelers passing through LA than the entire Australia continent though.

    Major populations of sick travelled to the US and EU from China in the hopes of treatment while China welded their apartments shut. When Trump closed the borders, they poured in through Toronto and Vancouver as well as Mexico.

    There is a reason certain areas got hit harder. It wasn’t for lack of lockdowns, as wherever the lockdowns happened was hit harder. The question is how the government responded to its aftermath. The EU did practically nothing, while Trump shut the borders. The US funded the largest medical research program in history to create the fastest vaccine rollout in history. The EU funded less than $1.4B, China and Russia respectively funded $0.5B, the US funded $2T which is currently the only working vaccines (Sinovac is a coin flip and whatever the EU funded never got off the ground) benefiting the world.

  • ThomasCovenant

    Anony Mous, ''What about Belgium? Italy? UK? They have twice and even three times the death rate.''

    I know looking at statistics can be a minefield and open to interpretation but once again you've confused me

    Could you show where you get your figures from to say that Belgium Italy and the UK have two or even three times the death rate?

    Looking at




    Those stats show Belgium, Italy and the UK having mortality rates per capita as 20%, 12% and 11% higher per capita respectively than the USA.

    I've no idea whether the figures are correct either way of course as I never compiled them.

  • mickbobcat

    I don't trust this flip flopping idiot. I think he is more concerned with being in front of the camera than actually giving us the facts. If Maxipad Waters is on his side he is pure crap.

  • minimus

    Fauci somehow got elevated to cult status. I think people are finally seeing thru him. His record is abysmal.

  • Jeffro

    Anony Mous:

    you’re just cherry-picking data now. What about Belgium? Italy? UK? They have twice and even three times the death rate.

    🤦‍♂️ Feel free to quote where I supposedly suggested that the US is the worst in the world. You said Australia’s was a special case because it is remote. I provided countries that are not remote that also have significantly fewer deaths per capita. At no point did I suggest that no other countries have similar problems to US.

  • Jeffro

    Your claims about the death rates in UK, Belgium and Italy are also incorrect. Unless you’re comparing them to an arbitrary subset of the developed countries that are doing better, though that’s not particularly meaningful.

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