Part II: it's time

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  • Gorbatchov

    Earlier I posted about the call from close family about that the end is expected in very short time.

    Today I had the opportunity to speak in person.

    This is what is told to me:

    - The GB speaks to us personality through Broadcasting;

    - The annual meeting was a very clear message from the GB;

    - The end is very near, because prophecies are fulfilled at this moment: the King of the north and her allies are attacking Gods people;

    - The Brexit is a prophecie fulfilled, England and the US working together again;

    - The brothers warning us we have to prepare now for the end, because this is the time.

    I watched my family member and he beliefs it sincere. No doubt at all it will happen now.

    So the big disapointment is again approaching soon.

    Do you recognize these current attitude with others?


  • nowwhat?

    Read this to them acts1 "we are not to know the time and the season let alone the day and the hour. Luke21 6 do not follow those that say the end is at hand. So ask them. "Should I go by what Jesus said or what the gb says?"

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I listened to the whole AGM broadcast in preparation for a visit to an elderly gold star Uber JW relative. She is so dyed in the wool that she glows in the dark. You are correct. They are ramping up expectations to fever pitch with the king of the north, world natural disasters, instruction to squirrel away your literature and iPad for when the men in balaclavas knock on your door.

    Then, the talk “This is it” saying carefully, we are NOT saying “this is it”, this said with a wink and a smile. The usual trick, ramp up expectations to fever pitch then a chuckling denial to quote later. Disgraceful, my elderly relative was left in a state of fear and worry. Where is she to hide her bible?

  • sir82

    You should write down the date and the summary of what was discussed (just like in this post).

    Ask your family member to sign it.

    Come back in 5 years, show them the paper, and ask "what happened? I thought it was imminent."

  • tiki

    Brexitt is prophecy fulfillment?!? Where does that one come from???

    And Russia banning a small insignificant group...while I believe it unnecessary to divest this small religion of its legitimacy in the country...still isn't that Daniel prophecy something that was to have an international, global fulfillment or have they altered that rendition also?

  • blondie

    So when UK and US worked together during WW2 was not a fulfillment?

  • eyeuse2badub

    The latest Anal Meeting broadcast was like a symposium of as*holes, one after another, getting up and spouting off some bs that jw's are suppose to take to heart as though god was speaking directly to them! It's absolutely nauseating to think that I once was part of that!

    just saying!

  • DesirousOfChange
  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    isn't that Daniel prophecy something that was to have an international, global fulfillment

    Yes, that's why they said the very non-committal 'it would not be surprising if it spread worldwide'.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Jehovah's Witnesses live in a paranoid bubble. The end is always imminent for JWs-- that's how the scam works.

    After each successive end-time failure the GB shift focus and now: (bugle blast) it's persecution time folks!

    A sense of persecution is the significant marker for paranoia. Paranoia is characterised by an intense mistrust of others, (which in the JW case this means the whole world), a sense of being persecuted, being fearful and angry-- and there is no complete cure. It's no wonder so many JWs are on medication.

    After 140 years of failure what have the GB got left to play with? They have one big trick-- they hold all the cards in the propaganda game with their captive following who are trained through guilt to remain loyal.

    So they are just left with spin, warnings, hype and hope for the imminent end. "Prophecies are being fulfilled" they announce as if they never said it before for an earlier non event. They must be joking! The GB are reduced to cynically using worn out stratagems which have helped, them in the past.

    As we on this site know, their promises haven't a snowball's chance in Gehenna of coming true (but for that matter the R+F should have realised it too) so what will happen after a handful more years when the latest white-hot hype fails? I think a big exodus should take place.

    HQ will eventually lose all credibility except by the aberrant few uneducated dreamers who actually enjoy the security of a life in a straight jacket.

    JWs are already on the bottom rung of the income and education ladder, how much lower can they get?

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