Part II: it's time

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  • sparky1

    "An examination of much evidence in the Holy Bible and Twentieth-century World History on whether God's Millennial Kingdom will begin its blessings within our own generation." - title page GOD'S KINGDOM of a THOUSAND YEARS Has Approached COPYRIGHT, 1973

    "Dedicated to the God whose time has approached to introduce the thousand-year kingdom of his Messiah for the eternal good of distressed humanity." Dedication page; same publication.

    "Today, with the world of mankind in such a deplorable condition and being threatened with destruction from so many angles, there are many students and investigators of these threats to human existence who express substantial doubts that mankind will be able to survive till the year 2000C.E." same publication, pg. 14

    'Soon brothers and sisters. Soon, yes very soon. Right around the corner. We're at the threshold.'


  • VIII

    Talked with a dyed-in-the-wool, loony-toon JW relative today and she must have had her eyes rolling back in her head as she spoke about how things are so bad on earth; how terrible mankind has been to all the "creatures" and mankind has destroyed the planet because Jehovah didn't train Adam and Eve how to care for it. Then she launched into a "I can't wait for Armageddon to happen so Jehovah will wipe out all these evil doers and we will be in Paradise."

    I gotta say, listening to someone who is so completely insane makes you want to run outside and scream and then call a Psychiatrist and make 100 appointments to try to understand how anyone could wish death on all of mankind.

    I know it's a cult, I know she is brain-washed, etc. I know all of that. But, when you hear someone talk about that so coldly and just rattle off "I can't wait for all of mankind to be destroyed at Armageddon" it makes your blood run cold and makes you question how this person isn't locked up.

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