Which Kingdumb song did you hate the most?

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  • Gopher
    What was that song that had the postlude (?) only sung after the final verse? I hated that song simply because the postlude didn't seem to fit very well and no one could sing it correctly (including me).

    Well DR. WATSON -- It's "How happy are the merciful... in God's eyes truly beautiful!" Not too many happy/merciful elders in among the JW's. I can picture them singing that absent-mindedly as they were awaiting the opportunity to take someone into the back room and "encourage" them.

  • betweenworlds

    Well, there are so very many to choose from, but one that I always thought was stupid was:

    The Women Are A Large Army. Or was that The Large Women Are An Army?

  • tinkerbell82

    LOL @ hamas! that one was wretched!

    i hated all of the ones that were only two lines long but had like twelve verses, they all sucked.

    this one wins the prize for the most ridiculous, it always had me collapsing in laughter:

    And "Dark Days are HERE, Man lives in FEAR... dum du du du DUM DUM" then it changes to that tweedly melody:

    "but the bible holds out a reason for CHEER..."

  • Nosferatu
    It's "How happy are the merciful... in God's eyes truly beautiful!"

    I remember that one! I remember thinking the song was over, closing my songbook, then people start singing that last bit. Wasn't that last bit on a separate page as well?

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Dear Shulamite maiden...

    So lovely and fair..

    Your spiritual virtues are many and rare

    Your speaking is pleasant

    Your charms a delight..

    What about the JW guy that came home too late. His wife eays (#@%^$*&(@%#

  • micheal

    Easily it would be "Loyal Love" it is so boring and slow and long. Plus jw's don't show loyal love to anything including their family. And they only show loyal fear to the org but not loyal love.

    loyal love , god is love blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    come and drink you thirsty ones, come and drink lifes water free ( Free there's nothing free about it - should be come and drink and sell your soul to the organization )

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    There were so many bad ones where do I begin? I hated 'Let's watch How we Walk', 'Marriage is God's Arrangement', I think I blocked the last title out of my memory something about 'Youths' all I know is there was a collective groan when the first chimes of that masterpiece began! - V Sky

  • Hamas

    Full credit to the Shumalite maiden, she sure did spice up those meetings. All that was needed after a talk on the Song of Solomon was a rubber glove, an early night and a good reception on channel 5.


    But yes, that woman singing into her husbands eyes made me sick. What was even more sickening was the fact that she was a stuck up self righteous old for her age looking flower dress wearing typical witness sickening old battleaxe - even worse, she married a PIG !!!!!!!!!!!! ( Police officer )

  • RunningMan

    OK, I'm working from pretty shakey memory, here:

    "Satan against them has vaunted. In God's name they keep on undaunted."

    It seems to me that they were in dire straights to find a rhyme for "undaunted". The word vaunted means "boasted". "Vaunting" has become a household word in my family because of this song.

  • Hamas

    I remember that one !

    It went something like....

    'Firm and determined in this time of the end,



    Go then you Witnesses,

    ever firm of heart !

    Rejoice in the hope that,

    you too can have a part ! '


    See if you can find it in this collection...


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