Which Kingdumb song did you hate the most?

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  • iiz2cool

    I read through the thread entitled "What is your favorite Kingdom Melody?", but I couldn't find any I liked. I found quite a few I really hated though. The song I hated the most was song number 91 - 'Being Taught by Jehovah'. The second verse always pissed me off, and as a witness I refused to sing it for many years before I finally made my exit. The offending words are:

    Jehovah gives us shepherds too
    Who strive to teach with insight.
    Their educated tongue reflects
    That in their heart they're upright.
    The weary ones they seek to help.
    Unruly ones they counsel.
    By teaching what is true and right;
    In this Jehovah takes delight.

    Really, what a load of crap!

    I could say alot about these words, but I feel my blood pressure going up, and they're not worth it.

    Anyone else have some kingdumb songs they love to hate?


  • Odrade

    "if your bodeeeee members youuuuu controoooool, you make know that the truuuuuth is your oooooown!"


    And "Dark Days are HERE, Man lives in FEAR... dum du du du DUM DUM" then it changes to that tweedly melody:

    "but the bible holds out a reason for CHEER..."

    bleh bleh.

  • Elsewhere

    I think it is the baptism song or maybe the memorial song... but it ends with something about them being willing to live or die for Jehover.

    I was always embarrassed of that song, made me feel like JWs were a bunch of fanatics... oh wait a minute... they are.

  • stillajwexelder

    We are Jehovahs Witnesses we speak out in fearlessnes ----- ours is the god of true prophecy what he fortells comes to be

    thats why I hated it despite the fact it has quite a catchy tune

  • SpunkyChick

    We're Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • drwtsn32

    What was that song that had the postlude (?) only sung after the final verse? I hated that song simply because the postlude didn't seem to fit very well and no one could sing it correctly (including me).

  • iiz2cool
    "if your bodeeeee members youuuuu controoooool, you make know that the truuuuuth is your oooooown!"


    I agree completely! I prefer to have someone else controling those!


  • stillajwexelder

    well said iizcool

  • Euphemism

    Without a doubt, 164.

    They are gifts from God
    He says 'use the rod'

    It's bad enough they believe in child abuse. They don't have to sing about it, for Chrissakes.


    "From House To House" from door to door...Jehovah's name we preach....(annoy people with)

    OK, or something like that, remember I haven't sang a kingdumb melody in nearly 20 years.

    But just the thought of going door-to-door (yes, I pioneered), turned my stomach into knots, and Kaopectate was service elixir.

    That song, just bugged me, period.

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