The special talk is now BEFORE the Memorial

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  • Listener

    I find it hard to imagine what it must be like as a JW to invite their Bible studies to a meeting that's just a video, it's laughable. But it would make more sense if the special talk message is introducing a significant change and has to be highly scripted.

  • jwleaks

    Brothers, could this pre-memorial special talk be our last talk? It could be, it could be.

  • ttdtt

    I look at this from a different point of view.

    This talk is for The IN. Not for those invited by the campaign or RVs.

    It was one of the hardest things EVER to get a call or study to come to Memorial.

    We had VERY VERY few "interested ones" show up each year.
    Believers Family and Faders would be the ones you would see - not anyone from the Campaign work.

    I think this is directed at fanning the flames of the BASE.

  • jookbeard

    these "Special Talks" have been becoming more and more of an anti climax as each year passes, whats the betting they could be phased out completely in the coming years? The last special talk I listened to was from a post on here, it was boring,stupid,dull and full of urban myths about how their work is being blessed etc.

  • wifibandit

    September 18, 2017 TO ALL CONGREGATIONS Re: 2018 Memorial and Special Talk

    PS to bodies of elders:
    Please arrange for this letter to be read to the congregation at the first midweek meeting
    after its receipt. Thereafter, it should be posted on the information board. However, this post-
    script should neither be read to the congregation nor be posted on the information board.
  • sir82

    Love this:

    Since the speaker in the video recording will demonstrate how to develop an outline and
    effectively teach from it, each elder and ministerial servant who serves as a public speaker
    should carefully review the special talk outline, the Ministry School book, pages 52-55, and Reminders
    for Those Assigned Public Talks (S-141) before the talk is presented in the congregation.
    During the presentation, analyze how the speaker draws attention to the theme, how he uses the
    Bible as the basis for his talk, and how he teaches directly from the Scriptures. Also, observe
    how the speaker applies some of the teaching methods that will be discussed in the Kingdom
    Ministry School for the 2018 service year.



    "You nitwit elders are a bunch of cock-ups. Fer gawd's sake, you're wretched. Just watch Brother Smarmy in the video - that is how you're supposed to do it."

    Public talks are bad and getting worse. If one of them rises to the level of "merely boring", and is not a meandering hash of disconnected thoughts and rambling non sequiturs, it's a major accomplishment. At least the WTS has finally been made aware of the problem.

  • Wakanda

    Special video especially made for the special talk before the special memorial!

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Thanks Wifi.

  • Londo111

    It's amazing how scripted this cult is...nearly talk in every congregation, assembly and convention the world over is controlled by HQ. There is very little room for variation, even for circuit overseers. It's all cookie cutter. No originality.

  • konceptual99

    It will be so much easier when all the talks are video presetations.

    Prepare yourselves for the return of the book study group. Get rid of the halls and meet as little groups to watch videos or even log into a virtual meeting service that tracks and reports what talks you have watched.

  • sir82

    How is this even going to be appealing for their special campaign to invite special people to their special Kingdom Hall to hear the special video presentation of the special talk?

    "Hey pleased to find you at home this morning. Here is your personal invitation to come to a squat windowless building and watch a 32-inch TV from 40 or 50 feet away, in an uncomfortable chair, with 100-odd strangers. The TV show will be some guy you've never heard of, standing at a podium, talking about things that are utterly irrelevant to you. Sorry, no popcorn either. Oh, and you have to wake up at 7:30 - 8:00 on a Sunday morning to get there on time. Hope to see you there!"

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