JW Broadcasting: Russian Convention Travel Report w/Mark Sanderson

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    18 'plane tickets - "thanks to Jehovah's undeserved kindness." (oh, forgot to include - cell 'phone calls, unpaid workers at the HQ Travel desk, the internet, and smart 'phone capability to receive 'plane tickets) God really works in mysterious ways. Even many active J.W's are going to be cringing at this propaganda, and the photo of the eighteen grinning parasitic charlatans at the airport will just make them nauseous.

  • tiki

    Male cow dung. Big heap.

  • wannaexit

    Why were these magnificent 18 be running like that???? Cowards!

  • dozy

    Ray Franz mentioned that one of the perks of being a GB member was that basically when they wanted they could pretty much book a "zone visit" or branch visit to anywhere in the world where they simply needed to make a couple of talks to justify the visit. Nobody dares question the GB and doubtless there is a "band of brothers" system in place where they don't criticise each other.

    A couple of "pastoral visits" to Malta by Milton Henschel caused a lot a stumbling when he stayed at Hilton hotels and basically gave the same talk he gave at previous visits. http://www.freeminds.org/history/bonanno.htm

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  • slimboyfat

    The round face, bald head, centre of picture (and attention), and smirk when he says "maybe not a coincidence" (wink): he gives the appearance of a spoiled child.

    I wonder what his background is. Are his parents JWs? Are they still alive? Does he have siblings? Is he married?

  • slimboyfat

    To answer my own questions: his parents were/are JWs. He grew up in San Diego (next to Beth Sarum) and was a "collector of Watchtower memorabilia" back in the 1980s. His mother was a JW in Canada and experienced persecution. So he may consider that he has a personal angle on persecution.

    Watchman (who I think is Robert King?) says he met him in the 1980s.


    He is apparently not married. Or else it's not mentioned on either JW website or JW survey.



    He may have been one of the key people behind the 2013 NWT revision and the new Bible collection exhibit at Warwick.

  • stuckinarut2

    Brilliant thread PE!

    And great comments everybody.

    Wow...this level of idiocy from the Society has reached a new low....

    And yet stupid ignorant witnesses will lap it all up....

  • nowwhat?

    So it took 18 of them to accomplish..... wait for it...... .NOTHING!

  • punkofnice

    I always associate fatty, greasy food with Pope and Lord peado protector pig face Sanderson. He doesn't look gluttonous does he? (Laughs up sleeve).

    It's hilarious how they take every day things like buying a plane ticket as a miracle and divert attention from the real issues. I'll wager Pope Pig face doesn't care as long as he's got his rock star status.

    So he gets you out of Russia but he couldnt make a supreme court judge overturn the ban of your own people? And what about the Russian witnesses that are still there?

    Yes. Indeed. Jehovah(tm) is a travel agent rather than a god, by the sounds of it.

    Propaganda strikes again.

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