JW Broadcasting: Russian Convention Travel Report w/Mark Sanderson

by pale.emperor 50 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • sparrowdown

    Do they have a desk for everything but child abuse reporting, quote verification and fact checking at Bethel?

  • baldeagle

    Honestly, this GB is getting more and more outrageous with their sanctimonious claims week after week. I can picture them laughing hysterically at their Wednesday meetings trying to dream up what load of crap they will shovel onto their followers. It’s clearly obvious that they have a very low and demeaning regard for the so-called worldwide brotherhood.

    They must smugly sit there in all their pompous arrogance thinking that OUR MINIONS will just lap up everything we say without question. They are truly pushing it and insulting the intelligence of many fine, honest and sincere JWs.

  • steve2

    Travel costs mounting and getting out of hand?

    Fear not, Mr Sanderson! Sophie’s icecream money and grandma’s generous donations cover all that. First class travel, Mr Sanderson? oh! Excellent! Pre-approved. Good for tired souls like you.

    Let your dreams and delusions take flight with you on your safe homeward bound trip.

    Shame about the tens of thousands of brothers and sisters left behind in Russia. Even Uber Witnesses living in lyxury elsewhere nod in agreement: Miraculous interventions don’t stretch that far.

  • slimboyfat

    As previously noted, the most interesting part of the video to me was where Sanderson says he was tired in January so booked a summer holiday to Finland 🇫🇮 with friends. Do the GB make such travel plans on a whim? Nice to know the lifestyle the GB enjoy. Sanderson apparently made an astute choice when he began taking the emblems in his 20s or so. Think of the other non-anointed bethelites his age stuck in dead end jobs. It's a system that rewards narcissism or lying or both.

  • smiddy3

    Sanderson doesn`t have an outside job so who pays for his holiday with friends in Finland ? Oh that`s right gullible JW`s donations.thats who .

  • Gorbatchov

    For most of the western JW’s with kindergarten education this video is like eating cheesecake. This is the reason why many think they are the true religion.

    Sanderson is giving a Tin Tin attitude example, irrisponsible for a religion leader.

    Left the Russian’s JW’s allone when they most needed him. Jesus would stay. He did not call the Jeruzalem travel desk.


  • pale.emperor

    Jehovah has this strange penchant for doing mundane things and still receiving praise.

    His wondrous works include:

    A woman dying on her way to a Warwick build, but then Jehovah intervening to make sure it was completed in time.

    An entire religion being banned in the worlds largest country, but then Jehovah intervening to make sure his 18 Americans fly out before things get difficult for them.

    A tsunami kills thousands of people, but Jehovah made sure enough sand was washed up on shore for the brothers to complete a build.

    A pioneer couple in my last congregation lost their parents in a coach crash. But the insurance money paid for a new kitchen make over.


  • jwleaks

    Narshole, that's what Sanderson is. "Jigsaw" ought to stick all seven gb members in a room with a silver sword and see which one jehovah saves.

  • zeb

    HM money did they take out with them?

    and the local rank n file jw can go to hell as long as the upper echelon who could not be bothered to turn up to the ARC get out.

  • waton

    One way ticket to Russia? of course. The local branch (brothers) are expected to fund the trip, of course.

    Travel on whim? overheard a conversation in Columbia Heights once, that showed with what nonchalance such expensive travel plans are decided.

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