JW Broadcasting: Russian Convention Travel Report w/Mark Sanderson

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  • pale.emperor


    A few things about this video:

    It's very nice that they managed to host a convention for the Russian brothers and sisters, and that they all got fed. But lets be honest now, there are many religions and even atheist organizations that can, and do, feed their visiting members on a large scale and host conventions.

    Mark Sanderson tells us that when the appeal at the Supreme Court was negative that they had to leave Russia immediately... but they had no tickets. He tells the committee members to just drive to the airport and on the way he's in contact with the travel desk at Watchtower. Well, whattayaknow... the travel desk managed to get 18 tickets for all of them to leave on the same plane. Praise Jehovah!... oh, but in reality... how hard can it be for some schmuck with access to the internet and a credit card to book a plane ticket? It's hardly a miracle now is it? Why, you can even turn up to an airport without a ticket and just buy one at the desk. Sure, it'll be more expensive but when you're a GB member whats a couple of grand? As long as Mark Sanderson can fly out of Moscow first class with a martini and a steak meal.

    Mark even says "we felt as if we'd been picked up be Jehovah and safely carried out of Russia." WTF?!! So he gets you out of Russia but he couldnt make a supreme court judge overturn the ban of your own people? And what about the Russian witnesses that are still there?

    Does this even make sense???

  • steve2

    What an idiotic narcissist Sanderson is! Jehovah enables 18 JWs to immediately leave Russia but did not intervene in the Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on JWs, leaving tens of thousands of Russian JWs without legal standing or protection.

    So, let me get this straight:

    Jehovah did the lesser of two things by getting American JWs safely home and wins praise but no one calls out this ugly nepotism?

  • Iamallcool

    The brothers there will say WTF or WTH! I am sure they are shaking their heads!

  • Listener

    He says that in January he was feeling tired so he organised with a friend to attend an assembly in Finland in June. This long term feeling of tiredness would suggest he is feeling worn out. Maybe the 2018 theme text would do him more good. But as an unpaid Bethelite he must feel so honoured that he is one of a few that gets such expensive opportunities, all on a whim.

    Notice how, in the photo of the group of 18, he is pictured in the centre? Who needs birthdays.

  • OrphanCrow
    Mark Sanderson tells us that when the appeal at the Supreme Court was negative that they had to leave Russia immediately... but they had no tickets.

    Huh? Whaaat?

    Why? Why no tickets? Did they really believe that the appeal wouldn't be negative?

    So they up and trotted off to Russia on one way tickets. 18 of them. One way tickets to Moscow. Flying in with Jehovah's blessing and assurance of a win. So they can stay in Russia. And sunbathe on the beach north of St Petersburg, likely.

    Huh. Cut those holiday plans short, didn't they?

    But why? Why buy one way tickets? 18 f***ing one way tickets to Russia. To appeal a Supreme Court ruling. Uh....that wasn't too bright, was it?

  • Listener

    He said that the Watchtower legal department told them they would have to leave straight away if the outcome was negative.

    He said that they did not have return tickets. If true, it is highly likely that they were breaking the law. Many countries will not approve a temp visa if there is no return ticket booked. Looking at Russia's requirements, this is the case and the visa must be obtained before entry into Russia and details of the return travel need to be included on the application form.

    Sounds like porky pies again.

  • hoser

    Entitled governing body

  • Listener
    Hoser -
    Entitled governing body

    • Entitled to embellish stories, if not but be downright dishonest?
  • VW.org

    Just another bullshit story to further their agenda.

  • konceptual99

    Russia has single visit and double 30 day max visas that do not require any info on flights, just a letter of invite which can be got off the internet for £25. You need to specify a start date but that's it. Oh, and say if you are a member of a banned organisation. Which they weren't until the appeal failed hence the need to get out there and then.

    Regardless, I'd have thought it would have been sensible to have booked changeable tickets home anyway or even some cheap tickets to say Germany or the U.K., just in case.

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