Gay ex-Bethelite

by Chip Williamson 36 Replies latest jw experiences

  • millie210

    Hi and welcome to the forum Chip.

    Im glad you took the time to tell your story. Here is hoping it will help anyone reading here who is struggling to see the value of being true to oneself, as you were.

    Your story has a happy ending!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Welcome to the forum Chip!!!!
  • sissyb
    Welcome! You certainly do have an interesting story! I'm sorry you and your husband are shunned by your families. At least you have each other and can live your lives honestly and fully. Congrats!
  • fulltimestudent
    zophar : I knew a Sister who married a gay man. She did not know he was gay at the time of their marriage but found out on her wedding night. ... I guess she endured as long as she could. Her husband never remarried. I've never been able to view him the same way since.

    Have you been judging him purely on the fact that he attempted to conform to Christian rules and failed. Please think this out further.

    The ability to become sexually aroused is more or less dependent on attraction to the potential partner. If sexual attraction does not exist then (unless the male is a very highly sexed person) the male partner may not get an erection.

    My friend tells me that he married a witness girl trusting that the YHWH/JESUS god would heal him. He had (at that time) an implicit trust in YHWH/JESUS. And he did love the girl, (he says) with a pure love. Of course, his inability to perform as often as his wife wanted, led inevitablly to a coldness between them. He tells that he often laid awake at night , praying to YHWH/JESUS to help him. They didn't! And he still laid awake at night willing himself to have an erection, but his own will also failed.

    WHY? Because his natural sexual attraction was/is to other males. Only the poison of an evil Christianity has made people think that same sex attraction is evil and they must change.

    So if you want to think bad of someone in your example, tell YHWH/JESUS what a poisonous pair of old bastards they really are.

  • crazyhorse
    Hi there! I love your story and it gives me encouragement. Thank you.
  • KateWild

    Hey Chip,

    Great story, it will help others in your position

    Kate xx

  • Lieu
    Kewl and welcome. Do you and your ex get together with your mates and have some laughs from time to time? ... and bbq.

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