C.O. Reports: JWs/WTS "Reach Critical Mass...

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    I am praying for an actual Alien invasion. If I die, great. I can't live forever on an earth ran by JW's.

  • moshe

    Hi Nathan!! Sorry you can't join us, but you got banned for making cedars cry or something like that.

  • Eustace

    After reading this I realized that the Watchtower is quite immune to change. It could easily go another 12 years without anything changing.

    If they maintain the same frequency of mentioning the shunning of ex-members in literature there will be serious consequences to growth. They're scaring more people away from joining in the first place than ever before.

    It will also have serious consequences to financing. The tendency of the JWs to attract marginal types will only be made much more pronounced as the less idiotic are more likely to research a group before joining it.

    The only wild card is what happens in the centenial year of 2014.

    I've never heard a JW mention 2014 as having any particular significance. A hundred years is a long time, but not much more than 98 years. Also some of the younger JWs barely seem to even know what 1914 is.

    Of course a lot of them don't know how toilet paper works either, so try to bear that in mind.

  • LostGeneration

    Hell of a thread, not that I read it all.

    It well illustrates though that its just best to GTFO of the KH, if you can take your family, great. If not, then it is their life to waste, don't wait around for some implosion. That will probably never happen, no matter what the WTBTS says or prints.

  • Eustace

    It well illustrates though that its just best to GTFO of the KH, if you can take your family, great. If not, then it is their life to waste, don't wait around for some implosion.

    That's excellent advice.

    The power of the brainwashing in the JW cult is so intense that it's hard to predict how they would react to even negative growth. It could be that no real cascade effect will begin because of the induced phobias the JWs carry around in their heads.

    It's sad that their minds have been destroyed to a point where what was once pointed to as evidence of divine favor, growth, will shortly be pooh-poohed as meaningless.

  • Londo111

    When this OP occured, I was a ministerial servant and a fervant believer in the JW religion.

    However, I was not privy to what those deep in the Org were privy too.

    It seems like 9/11 "saved" the Watchtower from decline...at least, that is my theory.

  • LV101

    Well, this sure is bad news they'll survive. I don't think 2014 will matter to the dubs -- they're in it for the long haul --- whatever fantasies they can't let go of.

  • steve2

    They may be init for the long haul, but their growth heyday in the west -0save among immigrant populations - is well and truly over. The shrinking numberof baptisms bears 'witness' to that, and the shrinking numbers attending the memorial, being two revealing statistics.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    What they have done in 12 years is get harder. more demanding of time, money and especially OBEDIENCE. this is not a religion about to soften, in my opinion they will get harder still, and go more underground and reclusive. The GB will do what ever they see fit to keep a core loyal membership and let the rest go to 'hell'. Oz

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    There won't be any 'critical mass' because most JW's will remain JW's because it's their community. It's a sort of social club, full of family and friends. They will stay in their religion for the same reasons generations of Presbyterians and Catholics remain in those religions. It satisfies certain psychological needs (real or imagined) wrapped in a religious, spiritual packaging.

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