Leaving Neverland the Micheal Jackson documentary

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  • Finkelstein

    Haven't heard of any huge financial windfall for the guys who were supposedly sexually victimized in this documentary.

    You have to watch the documentary to get a full grasp to their validity of what they are saying now.

    Their testimonies sound pretty convincing though.

    The overall attraction and drive to have a close relationship with boys half his age brings up something of a red flag in itself.

    Men in their 20's usually dont seek out to have close personal relationships with young boys not of their own age group.

  • OrphanCrow

    Cofty, thanks for posting a link to that study. I downloaded it and read it along with another one that was pertinent to the methodology that the researchers used to make up their study sample. The other one I read is this one:

    Multiple Paraphilic Diagnoses among Sex Offenders

    Gene G. Abel, MD; Judith V. Becker, PhD; Jerry Cunningham-Rathner, BA; Mary Mittelman, DrPH; and Joanne-L. Rouleau, PhD

    I read that one so I could evaluate how it was that the researchers in the study you posted had defined their sample group and how they had arrived at the decisions they did to determine who got included and who was eliminated from their sample.
    My conclusion is that a person is on real shaky ground if they think that the study can be used to extrapolate to the larger population, or even if it is a valid measurement of what the researchers say they are measuring. I am not going to get into all the problems that the study faces, but the very first clue is in the sample selection - the researchers skewed the study population before they even started - a large group that was likely heterosexual was eliminated and not even included in the study.
    At least more (and better) research has been done since and most people know now that the notion that homosexuals are over represented in the population that engages in pedophilia is a myth:


  • cofty

    Thank you for that OC. Looks like both positions are a myth and gay men are no more or less likely to be attracted to children than heterosexual men.

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    If you are able to watch the interviews after the documentary, they discuss why they are just now talking about it and previously defended Jackson. It is important to note that the documentary director approached them and they were not paid for participating in the film.

    This article from Vanity Fair was insightful too. These two men are not the only boys to have accused Jackson of this - there are at least 3 others who have come forward. Who knows how many others are out there but silent?

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