I'm starting a Counter-Watchtower magazine

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy


    I hope you have some success with your venture. Not many people will want to share their email with you due to anonymity reasons, (me included) but the PM facility here will do the job just as well for you.

    You have a PM.


    WHY ? Why do you think this is relevant ?

    I think you may find your time. efforts and resources will be better spent in other more positive ventures ~

  • stillin

    We haven't heard from sd7 on here for a while. He/she wrote perfect little "questions from readers" that you could swear were taken from actual Watchtowers, except they were hilarious! I always looked forward to the next edition.

  • stuckinarut2

    I look forward to seeing this when finished...

  • scratchme1010
    That idea is a complete waste of time, if you ask me.
  • ScenicViewer
    So is it a waste of time to finish and post it?

    I say finish it and post it. I am very curious to see what you have done.

    Will none or your JW friends or family really not take it?

    It's true that many Witnesses will ignore it completely, but it's also true that there are more Witnesses on the fence today than ever before, more information is reaching more Witnesses than ever before (especially via the internet), and more Witnesses are awakening than ever before.

    You mentioned that many of your own Witness friends will read it and I think this is getting to be the state of Witnesses today. The hard-core Witnesses that will never go around the Governing Body's directives are getting to be fewer, and those that want to know more - maybe because they have noticed things and have questions of their own - are growing.

    It isn't the Organization that it once was. As it tries to tighten it's grip more and more it is actually squeezing people free.

    You have my vote to finish it. `

  • jaydee
  • scratchme1010

    There are quite a lot of posts here about the state of the WT. They are in financial trouble, they changed their business model poorly, and they are certainly not making any money from their printed material anymore.

    Furthermore, they have kept the same ridiculous business approach that may have worked way back when they started, but for some bizarre reason, insist in maintaining. Examples:

    • Unlike most-to-all other groups (religious and non-religious), the WT has this ridiculous archaic idea/model of making a lot of money out of people who they themselves discourage from making money. In the past, when in USA people could still make a living from unskilled labor or from some simple trade, that may have worked. Not so today. Yet, they still insist in having their people live with the minimum necessary. That's quite different from what other institutions (some of which even offer scholarships) do. To other institutions, their people are their biggest investment and asset. "It's OK to be a Doctor in my church, especially since I impose you give 10% of your gross income to it"; that's a better model than the ridiculous "Don't study, don't make money and it's ok to contribute when/if you can since Jehovah will provide" model.
    • When it comes to the WT reputation, it keeps crumbling. Constantly there are not only new lawsuits against the WT, congregations or JWs directly, but people are a lot more aware of the ones that have happened in the past. Lawsuits is only one of the many ways in which their reputation is crumbling. There are now quite a lot of ex-JWs out there, that they just cannot silence. There's no way that they can continue applying mental patches to people, especially those who start listening to them. And now with the ease of communication that technology brings, people can very easily get the full/better story and many sides of things that people and the media say about them, so they can make better informed decisions. Speaking of technology...
    • They are just horrible at managing technology. Their approach to the Internet alone has proven to be disastrous, again, trying to apply the same nonsense they tried with radio way back when, with TV way back when, with CB radio way back when. Those idiots just don't learn their lesson. If you look at the people who compose the head of that organization, you can see how technology dumb they are, that in combination with them attempting at making every single decision to suit them and their best interest, which seems to be obsessive around controlling the lives of their followers. That's how they end up mismanaging technology and advances.
    • Another idiotic approach has to do with their insane neglect and mistreatment of children. They do not consider children for anything they do, including the things that they talk about (and how) in their meetings and literature. Just look at their "Book of Bible Stories". Why does that matter? Because children grow traumatized and just leave as soon as they can.

    If you notice, I have not mention one single thing that has to do with anything that they teach in terms of doctrine, prophecy, the Bible, nothing. That's why I think that countering what they preach and teach is a waste of time. They themselves are doing quite a good job at looking bad and sinking.

    Why not using the time to help people who have been traumatized by them with resources to help them instead?

  • Diogenesister

    Fantastic! Why didn't anyone think of it before. Ok, I'll take your Watchtower (simplified, LoL) if you'll take MY magazine. Is the idea we print off the pdf?

  • Counter-Watchtower

    Yes the idea is to have you print it off a PDF. Or you can even email the PDF to JW friends.

    @ Scratchme1010

    If being in the Org does trauma then wouldn't you want to get as many out as you can? Thats the point of the Counter-Watchtower (if it works or not). Its not to make then be a Protestant, but just to show the Org is nonsense and that it cant be Jehovah's Org if the "anointed" "prophets" have taught pagan thing that go against Jehovah's word. I mean there are some undeniable things that at the least SHOULD make someone think (if it will i dont know?) But isn't it worth a try? Or just say forget it and let the trauma continue?

    Maybe im wrong in my thinking but my guess is an on the fence or wonder JW would be more likely to look at something in their hands then to go search on the internet and come up with a lot of info scattered all over. And even one that isnt wondering of they do read it they will have to try and answer hard questions, then it may make them question!

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