I'm starting a Counter-Watchtower magazine

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  • Counter-Watchtower

    I received an email back from JWfacts.com and they are in agreement "It sounds like a great idea."

  • steve2

    Counter-Watchtower, perhaps your very best tactic is to produce the PDF magazine, then promote it.

    Advising what you intend to do is no substitute for actually doing it.

    Best wishes, steve2

  • Magnum

    A lot of good comments. I agree with scratchme1010's points about all the ways the org is hurting and has hurt itself, but I say go ahead and do your thing. I'm all for hitting the org from every angle we can. It took my life from me in ways I could never fully describe. I'm working right this minute - doing lowly repair work in a backwoods, hick town for low hourly wages because of the situation JWdom put me in.

    I strongly agree with what has been said about proofreading. Please, if you go through with this, let me proofread it first. I will proofread for grammar, clarity, logic, flow of meaning, etc. It's true that most JWs won't know the difference, but they're probably the ones who will remain JWs anyway. I'd like for it to be really done well so you can maybe catch the attention of the few smarter ones.

    Oh, and about the comments concerning whether JWs will read it... I believe most won't; they've been programmed and conditioned to believe that anything counter to JWdom is infested with demons and has supernatural powers of coercion. You'll have to use a name for the mag and present it in a way that won't turn them off - that will move them to start reading it before they realize that it's presenting something negative about JWdom.

  • Saename
    Counter-Watchtower - The cover will have Russel and Rutherford looking grand with the title "A Journey in Time Through" old watchtower cover.

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "old watchtower cover." If you can, would you clarify that for me? I'm concerned because I'm wondering if you're planning to use an old Watchtower cover for your own publication. Is it the case that you are planning to do it? If it is, please remember that you may or may not (I'm not an expert in law, and most certainly I don't know what the law is in your area) be accused of copyright infringement.

    But then again, I'm likely misunderstanding your words.

    Also, it would be worth thinking about a different title than Counter-Watchtower. If you care about changing the minds of Jehovah's Witnesses, making that your title won't be effective. Most will immediately think that it's an apostate publication, and that it's in their best interest to ignore it.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  • Chook

    May your noble course have success. You could ask them to google jws and just encourage them to read read read.

  • skin
  • darkspilver

    skin: This reminds me of the magazines called Witchtower.

    haha, I was trying to think what it was called - thanks!

    You can download the two 'Bound Volumes' of The Witchtower here:

    Both years consist of 12 monthly issues, 192 pages total each year



    Some of the articles are 're-printed' online here:


    Then there is also....

    Young People Ask


    Our Kingdom (Boredom) Ministry





    Babylon the Great has Fallen / Revelation


    The English language Witchtower was based on a German language magazine called "Erbrechet!" ("Erbrechet!" means "Vomit!" but sounds like "Erwachet!" which is the German title of "Awake!".)

    Three 'Bound Volumes' are available:




  • Counter-Watchtower

    I am doing it, half done.

    No it wont be called "Counter-Watchtower" that would be the worst turn off name you could have! But it will be A counter to the Watchtower if that makes sense? As for the cover it will be a old, old section of the words "Watch Tower" cut out with a bunch of other scrap book style old cutouts mashed up. Even if it is infringement which im sure 1900s watch tower doesnt have protection and i am making no money off it, and they have to find me. Its no difference than taking a photo copy of their pages or books that will be in it. I think its covered under some kind of journalism thing, but i have no idea really.

    And yes i would like as many proof readers as possible, i will post a draft in about a week. And no its no going to be my sloppy texted from my phone like this is. Im also being very cautious to not make it anti JW, but mostly let them read what WT has said. With a few questions they can make up their own answers to at the end.

  • jaydee

    @ darkspilver ....

    excellent share....thanks...

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