What is your favorite Kingdom Melody?

by Joker10 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Joker10

    Do you have any favorites?

  • avishai

    Most of it was shit, but I liked the one that went "Kiss the son lest god be angry & you perish in the way."

  • Nosferatu

    "Here I am! Send Me!". I always felt like I was at a funeral when that one was sung.

    But seriously, I like that "Kiss the son" one.


    I can't remember the name, but let me tell you this.

    It had parts of it, that required everyone to hit some real HIGH notes.

    Well some folks couldn't sing to save their lives, and well.....when the notes got high and scratchy and some were shouting.....I sometimes had to keep myself glued together until the end, it was so funny!

  • suzi_creamcheez

    "Watch How We Walk" was a catchy one. It had a 'Hi Ho" quality like the 7 dwarves song.

    I liked the short ones best tho. suz

  • onacruse

    In my piano days, I often played a boogie version of "Move Ahead" and a few others. Brightened up our KH pioneer potty breaks. Russ Kerzen also thought they were fun.


  • Ravyn

    Walking in Integrity

    But as for me,

    Determined I shall be,

    To walk eternally,

    In my integrity.

    And THAT is exactly why I left.

    Ravyn(who does not sit with wicked men of lies and who hates the company of those who truth despise... or evil men whose hands are full of bribes and strife)

  • Euphemism

    Cool, Ravyn... I like that one. My favorite was 175... The Heavens Declare God's Glory. I don't like the lyrics as much as I used to, but they're still cool... basically an arrangement of Psalm 19. No Dub peculiarities. Except for the name Jehovah, it could be sung in any Christian church.

  • Hamas

    Hail Jah's firstborn was always my favourite, although my opinions always changed with time.

  • Englishman

    There was one, just one, that I liked. The Power of Kindness.

    "When faced with problems that perplex

    We will very often find

    That their solution simply lies

    In being mild and kind."

    I've sung that to a dub or two when they've given me the cold shoulder. They seemed stunned. Mind you, so does everyone else when I sing..


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