Does the Watchtower Bible Society own stocks. Nad are those stock related to military business?

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  • scratchme1010

    Hello, CitizenofEarth.

    Recently i stumbled upon an article that discusses and proves that the WTS owns stock in companies that have ties to military business, and business in general(i found it on this website). I only read this article through a few minutes ago, and i am of course in a state of "denial"(or shock). Can you help me find the source of this article - or another one that shows the same. I would like to show this to my dad, who luckily can think for himself, in order to show him why i dont trust the WTS and just want to believe in god in peace, without being dependent on an organization susceptible to corruption.

    I personally don't know about the stocks that the WT's owns, but I'd encourage you that now that you are in researching "mode", use this opportunity to search for anything and everything you may be curious about the WT. There are reasons why they only expect you to read their literature, their website and use only the education that comes from them. That is not a good thing, especially if they are supposed to be "the truth".

    If I come across that information I'll forward it to you.

  • millie210

    Hello CitizenoftheEarth,

    I admire the rational approach you are taking.

    I am not good at finding past information here but perhaps someone who is could show you two things...

    the JW flags flying at a convention site.

    The national flag of a South American country in the window of a Kingdom Hall.

    This selective stand on what they say is absolute neutrality (Malawi for example) makes them look exactly like what they are.

    All the best to you in your quest.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    can you imagine jesus dealing in stocks and shares ?.....SLD

    Matthew 21:12

    And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

  • JeffT

    Reminder: I'm an accountant.

    I did some research on this a few months ago. This Thread contains my conclusions.

    @Startrekangel No the WTBS does not own the O'Rielly trust. That trust is a separate entitiy that belongs to Ms O'Reilly's estate. It is managed for the benefit of the WTBS, but they don't have any say in how its run. These things are regulated by US law, which doesn't care what the Watchtower says in its magazines.

    On both of these issue I don't think there is anything here for the XJW community. There are much bigger fish to fry: pedophiles, the theft (in my opinion) of local funds and kingdom hall ownership, misappropriation (probably) of donations, and who knows what went on in the construction of Warwick.

    Citizenofearth: congratulations on doing your research. I expect you'll find you can't go back.

  • zeb

    Google a guy by the name of Jason Zanda. He has some videos that deal exactly with this subject.

  • JeffT

    Do you have links? I can't find anything.

  • zeb
  • JeffT

    Put simply, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He says the form he is looking at is the official tax return of the WTBS, and shows its investments. It isn't and it doesn't. This is a tax return for a charitable trust, which is a separate entity created with somebody else's money. In this case it's the Henrietta Riley trust. The money invested is hers. Under US tax law, the beneficiary of such a trust has NO say in the management of the trust. It is managed by a trust company and regulated by the legal instructions of the person who established the trust, in this case Ms. Riley.

    There are large issues for which the Watchtower needs to be held accountable. This isn't one of them, and harping on it obscures the real issues and gives JW's that choose not to see facts a good excuse not to look at real information about real problems.

  • CitizenofEarth

    Hello thread. I have been busy with my education for the last weeks (exams and alike), but I just got some time to read all these responses. You can’t even imagine my joy in seeing the kind, and most importantly honest truth-seeking, replies you have written to me. Man, oh man! Haven’t seen one "ad hominem" argument yet - you have no idea how much that means to me!

    One of you said I should be careful, and how I wish I had read that comment a bit sooner. Just bringing a fraction of the things I talked about up, caused a major stir, and I have been "turned in" to the authorities.

    I made my father promise that we would look at these things I had found privately, out of fear for the Elders. A fear I openly and logically explained to him. He understood…

    Imagine the chock when I found out he had found a way to tell an Elder that didn’t go against his conscience. I brought it up to him when an Elder contacted me, but he just said the Elder figured it out by himself because of the questions my father had asked that Elder – to explain, my father just forwarded the well written document I had written regarding my findings. That Elder could immediately see that it was my style of writing. My father hadn’t told anyone anything with his mouth – there is however many ways of forwarding messages.

    Imagine how I felt when the one person I trusted did this to me. A trust I openly said I had to him.

    I am now forced to conduct a study with an elder to get to the bottom of these “claims”. As the elder said: I will not let go of you (he was referring to me as a friend), and you know the consequences of talking with others about this (referring to me as an Elder). It will not be accepted.

    My response was: I have no intent of pressing my beliefs onto others. (The awkward silence after that was monumental)

    My dad turned out to be a completely different man also, and even getting physical when I said things that questioned the integrity of the Watchtower. The almost daily "ad hominem" arguments proves to be extremely stressing, especially when I expected differently from my father. The last person I trusted on earth turns so easily on me when I don’t agree with him - how saddening this has been. Even simple questions now result in me getting reminded of how I own nothing here at home, and I should just obey (I am 18 years of age), and if I wont "shut up" about my thoughts I will be thrown out.

    My response: Dad - you have continuously used this argument, along with other emotionally loaded arguments, so you cannot expect me to take these threats seriously anymore. If you want me to understand you, and agree with you, you should learn from history, and use other methods than the despotic methods you are currently using.

    This resulted in him dragging me (Remind yourself that I am 18) into my room and saying I should "shut up" or I would get thrown out. He demanded respect. I then explained him the basis for respect and tolerance, which he did not take all the well too. Now I am getting drowned in messages and e-mails from him, linking to the good deeds of the WTS. I find it ironic that the one person who raised me in the "art" of peace treats his own son like this. This is even after a deep talk about the Prodigal Son in the Bible.

    Personally, this has been very stressing, I have however experienced worse, unfortunately, which is why I have been able to remain calm throughout the deafening volumes of my father’s responses, and his physical methods. I am capable of defending myself, but I know when not to, as not doing anything most likely will have a larger effect on my father, and mother, who watches from the sideline. It is to be said that I have been “raised” (I have been alone in my thoughts the most of my childhood) along my sister (now 19 years of age), who has OCD, Autism and Borderline. The positive aspect of this peril has been my increased independence from my parents, and the ability to go through tough periods alone. An independence which has now almost expanded to the economics in response to the increasing threats of me getting thrown out.

    One of you also asked me to clarify why it was hard to get onto my current education. The Danish educational system from my perspective is like this:

    Folkeskole: Year 0-9/10

    Gymnasie: Year 10/11-13/14 or Basic education like for example carpenter or electrician, which is three years.

    The Gymnasie opens the University up. Initially I went, even though I wanted to go to the gymnasie right after folkeskole, but wasn’t allowed by my parents, to the carpenter school. Because Jesus was a carpenter I told myself. One week later I quit because the math’s were for me, too easy, and not challenging for a young fresh mind. I still wasn’t allowed by my parents to go to the gymnasie, so I started on Technical drawing, AutoCAD and all that. Completed that in a year instead of two, but couldn’t go anywhere with it because I was too young (only 16). At that time, I decided to get baptized - this then proved to be enough for me to get onto Gymnasie.

    My study of the Watchtower has lead me to a myriad of things that I personally find morally wrong – but I am only a couple of months in, in what will be a long study. Thank you for all these best of wishes.

    I am currently fueling my anger and frustration towards researching even more.

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