Stocks and Shares of the WTB&TS

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  • Truthexplorer

    Watch the following video from 6 minutes 50 seconds to find out.

    A woman wrote to the guy refuting his research. Here is his reply to back up his proof.

  • StarTrekAngel

    I did not finish watching the first video (too long at the moment too busy) but I liked the second one better. I've always sustained that regardless of what the implications are (Wether WT actually manages the fund or not), they know where the money comes from and that is enough for me. And it technically should be a big deal. This issue has been dismissed many times as a perfectly legal and standard practice of any corporation and also as a not so big issue since the WT does not own the stock directly. Even if they don't, it is still a big deal because most witnesses are lead to believe the watchtower does not have a single blood penny in their coffers. Not true

    With that said, I got to say this peeked my interest. I am somewhat hesitant at the fact that if Rilley died in 1945, why does he say the trust was turned over to the WT in 1970? I know probates can be lengthy and they probably were more so in those years. However, 25 years seems like an awfully long time for something that was technically setup for this very purpose.

  • Fairlane

    If the trust was turned over to watchtower in 1970 and Riley was already dead, who owns the stock ? That's a no brainer !!

  • Tallon

    Thanks for posting.

    Yep, the chickens are coming home to roost. I'll definitely finish watching these videos.

  • OrphanCrow

    The videos are long and I didn't watch them in their entirety.

    But I downloaded the pdf from the video link:

    For fun, I made a list of all the companies that the trust has investments in (please excuse the errors in spelling - the type was difficult to read):


    Adobe Sys Inc

    Amazon Com Inc

    American Express Co

    American-Intl Inc

    Apple Inc

    Avery Dennison Corp

    Bank of America Corp

    Baxter Intl Inc

    Berkshire Hathaway CL B

    BioGen Idec Inc

    Blackrock Inc

    Boeing Co

    Bristol Myers Squibb Co

    Celgene Corp


    Constellation Brands Inc

    Devon Energy Corporation

    Disney Walt Co

    Dow Chemical Co

    EOG Resources Inc

    Ecolab Inc

    Express Scripts Hldg Co

    Facebook Inc

    Fisery Inc

    General Electric Co

    Gilead Sciences Inc

    Google Inc CL C

    Harbor Intl FD

    Hershey Co Common Stock

    Home Depot Inc

    Honeywell International Inc

    International Flavors

    Johnson & Johnson

    Kansas City Southern

    Kimberly Clark Corp

    Kraft Foods Group Inc

    Lions Gate Entertainment Corp

    Lockheed Martin Corp

    MFS Intl New Discovery

    AMG Southernsun Small Cap-Inst

    Medtronic Inc

    Merk & Co Inc New

    Microsoft Corp

    Molson Coors Brewing Co CL B

    Monsanto Co

    Monster Beverage Corp

    Morgan Stanley

    Newell Rubbermaid Inc

    Nike Inc

    Nothrup Grumman Corp

    Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund - Y

    PNC Financial Services Group

    Pepsico Corp Inc

    Pfizer Inc

    Principal Midcap Blend

    Procter & Gamble Co

    Qualcomm Inc

    Rollins Inc

    Roper Inds Inc New

    Starbucks Corp

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

    Time Warner Inc

    United Technologies Corp

    Verizon Communications

    Viacom Inc

    Visa Inc

    Wabtec Corp

    Wells Fargo & Co New

    Lazard Ltd

    Fixed Income

    BHP Finanace USA Ltd

    Federal Home LN BKS

    Lowes CCS Inc

    Merk & Co Inc

    Microsoft Corp

    Oppenheimer Intl bond

    Pimco Total Return FD Instl

    Pimco High Yield FD Instl

    Proctor & Gamble Co NT

    Target Corp

    Vanguard S/T Corporate FD-ADM

    Alternative Investments

    The Arbitrage Fund R

    Cohen & Steers Realty SHS

    Federated Prudent Bear Fund

    Absolute Strategies Fund

    Goldman Sachs TR Strategic Income FD

    NY FDS Inc Asset Strategy FD CL

    Mainstay FDS TR Market Field Fund

    Pimco Commodity RR Strat Ins Strategy Fund-Ins

    The second video talks about the different companies that the WTS has. I just looked up one of them and it was interesting to discover that it is a Foreign for Profit company but is now inactive.

    Watchtower Associates Ltd. Inc

    For an extensive list of corporations with WT connections:


    I personally feel that this world needs to change. I agree with religionists, and secular humanists, who point out that the "System" is corrupt.

    That being said, until things change, I have no problem operating within the parameters of the system to make money. As a matter of fact, I have no choice, except to go off the grid. Even then, I have to interact with the "Matrix", it's inescapable.

    I do, however, take issue with the WTBTS's utter hypocrisy when it comes to money. They want yours, but they don't want you to be successful in any "worldly" careers. They forbid Higher Education, they take children's ice-cream money.

    They even claim to be the one true religion while covering over pedophile issues, going so far as to pay $4000.00 USD per day, to hide information from the Courts.


  • OrphanCrow
    STA: if Rilley died in 1945, why does he say the trust was turned over to the WT in 1970?

    Was there some corporate tax law changes in 1970 that would have required the WTS to declare the trust in that year but not before? Maybe someone who knows more about the history of laws that affected investments which would account for this trust showing up in 1970.

    I think there was some shaking up going on with the IRS during the latter part of the 60s that saw the WTS lose their tax exemption on New York property in 1971. In 1974, that property tax exemption was restored (which would explain why Armageddon was delayed).

  • baker

    Cigarettes were so valuable they were kept in a safe.

  • Truthexplorer

    I wonder if the head of the Christian Congregation would give the thumbs up to the GB for making money hand over fist when he returns!!


    "Lord, Lord, did we not call our tax-free Real Estate/investment scam "Kingdom Interests" in your name?!?!"


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