Does the Watchtower Bible Society own stocks. Nad are those stock related to military business?

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  • CitizenofEarth


    I am a young 18 year old danish guy, who is a baptized jw. Since one year ago i have been maturing gradually and asking questions about many things, not only about jw stuff(Which has caused some problems. But nothing i couldnt handle with a bit of social skill). I am not a regular atender, but i do seek knowledge when i can or have time. I am currently taking my education at a technical gymnasium(3 years), which provides a dorstep to hundreds of different specialized educations. If only you knew how diffucult it was for me to get permission to take this education... But its not about that...

    Recently i stumbled upon an article that discusses and proves that the WTS owns stock in companies that have ties to military business, and business in general(i found it on this website). I only read this article through a few minutes ago, and i am of course in a state of "denial"(or shock). Can you help me find the source of this article - or another one that shows the same. I would like to show this to my dad, who luckily can think for himself, in order to show him why i dont trust the WTS and just want to believe in god in peace, without being dependent on an organization susceptible to corruption.

    When you press the link then scroll a bit down. There you will see a wall of text which is the article. I havent been able to find it anywhere but there.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i could never understand why the watchtower would buy--and sell--stock--at all. any money they obtained should be used to advance the preaching work--not for profit.

  • StarTrekAngel


    When non-profits offers you the option to donate by means of gift annuities, they need to find ways to offset or hedge for potential pitfalls in their pool of investments. I am not justifying them. I disagree with the stock buying as well but it comes to show you they operate like a business first and as a religion second.

    As far as military stock or investments, the documents from the SEC show very clearly that the Watchtower owned anywhere from 40 to 52% of Regi/Randcam. While many have argued that the Watchtower did not directly managed these investments, the truth is that they are ripping the benefits and at the same time, they can not claim ignorance of the matter. I am sure financial regulations demand that the WT corporation be informed of the financial conditions of their investments and the IRS demands they report on the performance of it.

    The same happens with the Rilley fund. While the Watchtower is only the beneficiary of the fund, the information in their own magazines state that this type of donation of stock are conditioned to the WT becoming owners of the fund upon the passing of its original donor. The Rilley fund BELONGS to the watchtower. Whether they intervene on the daily decisions of it I am not sure but it is of little relevance. Once again they are obligated to be in the know regarding the investments made. Because they are the owner they also have the power to direct Comerica Bank if they feel their money is miss used (like invested on defense companies). Several of the tax disclosures regarding this fund show that there are quite a few questionable investments. Raytheon, Lockeed, Boeing. Even some movie studios which produce questionable films (films they actually warn their members about).

    As everything in life, with the exception of the speed of light and truth, everything is relative. The major disjunction in all of these may go beyond the moral. You could argue that it is unethical for any religion to invest in defense stock (in fact they teach as much) you could also put in perspective. What do they demand from their members? I think most of us here would agree that they would scold you if you dare to even stare towards one of this corporations as you pass by their offices. Ray Franz describes in his book the story of a brother who had to quit his job because part of it involved delivering food to a military base. There are many stories like it.

  • CitizenofEarth

    My first thought too Stan.

    Does anyone have a link or something to the source of the article in the link. Since i cant use this site as a reference when showing my dad, or someone else... I would only cause trouble for myself, as you all may know.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    can you imagine jesus dealing in stocks and shares ?

    & its not just a daft question--i remember at a circuit assembly--in the CO's talk--he asked " can you imagine jesus smoking "

  • Finkelstein
  • never a jw
    never a jw

    The military stocks, even if proven true, are the least of the Watchtower's problems. To this day, I am not even convinced that that allegation matters. What matter is all the other stuff that strongly suggests that the Watchtower runs a cult whose main interest is money. The Watchtower has deceived, abused, and exploited innocent people, who are willing to give up their dreams, their time, their money and their lives (literally and metaphorically) for these despicable leaders.

  • CitizenofEarth

    Yeah. The jesus i "know" certainly had his priorities set up differently.

    Thank you Finkelstein. That page is helpfull!

  • Giordano


    Perhaps you can clarify:

    If only you knew how difficult it was for me to get permission to take this education
    I would like to show this to my dad, who luckily can think for himself, in order to show him why i don't trust the WTS

    Based on these two statements I would caution you on sharing what you are learning about the WT unless your Dad is not a supporter of the WT.

    We all know how easy it is for honest inquires to be labeled as apostasy. You will need a measure of privacy about your research.

    I do not mean you should not question and not do your own research....... just don't share all of it . Especially the critical stuff. A lot of people on this and other sites talked about these things to close friends and family only to have them inform the Elders........ being open and honest has gotten many a person DFed.

    True Believers dismiss many of the things you've come to understand. JW's are not really critical thinkers when it comes to their beliefs.

    Here's an example A while back it was discovered that the WTBTS was a member of the UN. This was the same UN they had riled against for decades.

    Most JW's were hardly fazed by this.

    A very good source is which cites the actual WT publications. Even if you quote from the actual magazine it can be brushed aside as 'old light'.

    So do be careful.

  • AverageJoe1

    They own stocks in Apple, hence all the photos of Apple products in their publications and the reason the JW Library apps works better on iOS.

    I remember in one WT article that was available to download, they forgot to edit out the Apple logo (w14 15/4 page 19). I thought that was amusing as the photo looked like the sister was worshipping her Mac instead of missing her son!

    Here you go (I can only find the edited one):

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