Sister may have had a slight heart attack, do I text her?

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  • Xanthippe

    Yes I hear you SBF, thanks. I've been through that many times believe me. Backwards and forwards, shun, speak, shun, speak, back to shunning. That may well happen again, so I haven't asked her to let me know how she gets on. The ball is in her court to let me know about the angiogram results, or not. I might text in a few weeks, I might not. I might do nothing more than leave an open door.

    They're screwed up by a mind-controlling cult but having said that I've made it quite clear at funerals that I'm not doing kissy face and let's pretend we're friends for the sake of nonJW relatives any more. I will say hello but I won't sit with them or enter into conversation. I once went twelve years without contacting her because she refused to answer my letters after we left the cult and when I phoned her I got all upset and she said she would phone me back. You won't I said but she told she would definitely phone me and I would just have to trust her. She didn't. That's when I stopped trusting her SBF, they're not sane in that religion. I am aware, but thank you, I appreciate it.

  • jp1692

    That’s great, Xanthippe!

    Thanks for sharing the positive outcome.

  • Xanthippe

    Thank you very much jp!

  • ToesUp

    I really admire all of you that have been treated like crap, to reach out to those who have treated you so poorly. It says a lot about all of you. I would love to meet some of these wonderful people one day!

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