KH's Still All Closed- How Bad is WT doing Financially?

by OnTheWayOut 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ElderStuckin

    Announced at to US Bethel family this morning that the suspension of in-person organizational activities such as the use of Kingdom Halls and various in-person forms of the preaching work will need to remain in place until at least November 1.

    Love the old worn-out whore analogy, so fitting and true.

    The upcoming Splane rant that we are at War will be interesting. It’s not until the final talk on the Saturday program. He says that since Jesus was falsely arrested then that proves that getting arrested doesn’t mean anything. So don’t worry if you hear about the organization settling lawsuits out of court. It’s all scriptural or just a satanic lie. Pathetic!

  • wallsofjericho

    Our accounts reports are read every month and donations are still flowing in

    many also do direct debit now

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