Why is it so important to them to let child molesters go out in the field ministry?

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    To be fair, publishers with beards CAN go in the d2d ministry, even in congregations where beards aren't 'allowed'. It is strange though that beards and pedophilia are on the same level in a way: With both you can just do basics, but no talks, cart work, mics other privileges etc.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Everything is wrong with the JW organisation, especially the reason for its existence! The whole corrupt religion is predicated on a fantasy that they have the truth and as if to prove it they are the only ones preaching it.

    To change their methods would deny this belief. Preaching is the way they have got to where they are but alas for them it doesn't work effectively any longer. Nevertheless they keep on with the old methods and imagine that it is preaching which is the prime reason for their continued existence, forget the quality of the preachers.

    I surmise they have had repentant sex offenders who have risen through the ranks who have proved to be useful to the organisation. This would give a precedent for the current situation and a possible explanation?

  • Giordano

    As I thought about this issue I see that the JW construct and it's corporate dogma was and is........ reckless with the education, health and welfare of it's followers......... especially the young children.

    Russell, Rutherford, Knorr, Franz etc. until this day had no JW child among them nor a successful marriage to point to. And this was the leadership........the think tank for all of these years. It's evident that children didn't figure in.

    Eventually because of the misapplied rules it became all too easy for a JW sexual offender to get near a family and be a friend....... then sexually abuse those who were left unprotected by distracted parent(s).

    All these pedophiles needed to do was to cloak themselves in the spiritually, friendship and trust that makes up a lot of the JW world.

    And still to this day the Society and it's followers does not recognize the life changing danger their children face.

  • waton

    Perhaps that is why the first "true christians" always worked in 2 by 2s too, as ordered by jesus in one of the first "service meetings" .

    Did the article not mention that these crimes most often happen in the homes, by persons who have won the trust of the minors? and dont forget we could be talking about 17 year old victims here.

    what I like to point out here, that in this frenzy, a lot of people could be tarred with the same brush.

    PS: what a fantastic relief for them not having to do door 2 door any more. d2d is a punishment, order them to do more.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    dont forget we could be talking about 17 year old victims here.

    In the broader context 18 is a construct of law, not entirely based on psychology. Our bodies are capable of sex, or exploration young but we are not emotionally ready until maturity sets in. Maybe mid 20s

  • waton
    Our bodies are capable of sex, or exploration young but we are not emotionally ready until maturity sets in. Maybe mid 20s.


    True, mature sex is the best, but hunting now for "child molesters" in the congregations, when that can range from voyeurism to rape, when the marriage age in some places is 12, condoms are handed out in some schools to 11 year olds, I urge moderation. Incidence of the disorder is perhaps not greater among jws than the general population.

  • blondie

    Why not let pedophiles do phone field service only adults present, or on their own write letters to not-at-homes or obituaries to fulfill the WTS arbitrary requirements?

    Would you let your child play with a dog with a history of biting children just because the legal system has a law called the one-bite law and laws vary from state to state. So if the elders decide that a pedophile is repentant and turns them back into the congregation, are the elders (owners, harborers, keepers with knowledge that dog has bitten children before) liable because they knew the pedophile (dog) had a history of molesting/raping children?


    The dog owner, harborers and keepers will be held strictly liable for dog bites and other harm caused by a known dangerous propensity of the dog. For example, if the dog previously bit someone, and the owner knew about it, then the owner will be responsible every time the dog bites anyone else. Liability results from keeping a dog that was known to hurt people. The key to this type of liability is knowledge.

  • Vidiot

    Xanthippe's and LV101's explanations on page 1 are excellent.

    Another (but certainly not the only other) that I surmise is that the WTS is - at this point - simply incapable of conceiving that any other method of doing things - particularly methods used by "Satan's World" - might be superior than their own.

    EDIT: I just occurred to me that, in retrospect, this is a potentially exploitable weakness.

  • Ultimate Reality
    Ultimate Reality

    Might this have something to do with legal liability while talking out of both sides of their mouths?

    The WT likes to claim in court cases that participation in field ministry is a personal choice; they do not control or regulate a Christian's "personal ministry" (of course, that's not really true).

    If the Governing Body were to openly and directly regulate or restrict participation in the field ministry, they would become liable for the actions of publishers, who they want to keep at arms length. Then they could no longer play the "personal ministry" card in legal cases.

  • waton
    if the Governing Body were to openly and directly regulate or restrict participation in the field ministry,

    UR: if atlantis or somebody could dig into the files, there is probably explicit instructions restricting even suspected pedophiles from going in "the ministry" by themselves. but

    who could stop them, wearing the JWORG button?

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