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  • psyco

    I have never been an elder and I think you cannot help others to wake up (especially without risking a lot in your position), but you could delay their baptism so that to have at least the opportunity to be awaken at that age.

    As a PIMO parent, with a PIMI mate, this is what I biblically think, and it is nothing that you could label as "apostate" and as a PIMO elder you could do something similar as well.

    My child (and children in general) should get baptized only:

    1) When it he will be 30 years old (or, at least 18). Jesus set the example in prayers etc., so he set the example also for baptism: not before he was 30. He was perfect, he was the God's son, and he knew the salvation of all humankind depended on him, so he was the best example of a person who should have been baptized as soon as possible with a sense of urgency and he did not do before he was 30.

    In the NT accounts you can always read about men and women getting baptized, but never boys, girls, or kids...

    You could say that a 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16... years old person is a man or a woman, but when you are at that age you are not mature enough to choose a mate for all your life: how could you be mature enough to choose the real God and His religion forever?

    They could say: but the end is very close! Yes, but if it should come tomorrow, it would still be plenty of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... years old JW's children not baptized: why not baptizing them as well, then?

    2) After reading the entire Bible at least once. If studying one or two books that teaches you a few hundred of verses without context is sufficient to get baptized, why did God write thousands of verses in the Bible? Just for having something to read as a hobby only after the baptism?

    3) After knowing that secrets books exist containing hidden information regarding the way you will be judged. If having secret/hidden books/information is God's will, why not telling this to people before their baptism instead of discovering it only afterwards? Is there anything to hide?

    4) After knowing that with the baptism (in my Country) you become an adherent member of the local WT Society according to its Statute. Why discovering that casually only after the baptism on a Kingdom Ministry? Why not telling this to people before? Is there anything to hide?

    These are all things I regret for not having known and/or done before my baptism!

  • cyberjesus

    You CAN do many things... The goal is to make them think by themselves... and that they themselves say: "hey thats not right"

    So get on the platform as much as you can and utter as many WACKO ideas the WT has and bring them to the front (always know your source to back them up in case an elder jumps)

    - Kids stop eating ice cream

    - The widow gave ALL her money, we should do the same give ALL the money -

    - The GB never asks for money like other churches, no we are different we DONATE money from our hearts and not because they are asking.. they are reminding us, thats why they ASK, scratch that, remind us so often

    - We should we willing to let our little children die if the GOD or the GB tells us.

    The more extreme the better...

    Also bring the WACKO things of the past up... and say WHEN WE USE TO DO THIS.. But now we know xxxxxx thanks to Christs brothers the GB that the old GB was wrong and the new one is right.. GOD is never wrong.

    Bring what the other churces are doing but also the JWs are but call them evil and call yours Godly

    Bring up all the problems the JWs are facing but be specific and they say it must be satan influencing the Worldy people to bring this out or some elders to cover up.. what else could it be.

    Get into many Judicials and bring the most absurd questions... to make everybody think and then disfelloship everyone... and keep talking to them as usual.

    Talk to as many DF Jws as possible. in a coffee shop and encourage them to study the story of the bibble on independent sources... they can do it... its ok they are DFd.

    The key is to play within their rules and bring up all the dirt that everybody purposely ignores.

    Have fun... you will be outed soon or later...

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