"You will never grow old in this present system of things" -- some campaign tools

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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005
    LongHairGal: Not that you need my endorsement FatFreek. But I have just checked my original single copy of that Awake (22nd May 1969 page 15) and read the sentence you have quoted word for word.
    It is accurate and spot on.

    Thanks for noticing. And thanks to Jwfacts.com. Paul not only quotes this important Awake! snippet but provides a link to an actual scan of the same. There is little more off-putting than feeding the JWs with ammunition of inaccuracies and exaggerations from apostates.

    Half banana: They have WASTED THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE...............What hurt! what deprivation! What deception! They have duped them into spending their time, money and effort in the useless preaching of their interpretation of the Bible. They have happily culled the capital wealth of their members families. They are money grubbing sociopaths. They should be convicted of deception and abuse.

    Religious cults need regulating and limiting with financial penalties for their misdeeds by government intervention.

    And that brings us to punitive measures. Even if the GB had apologized for what they said (they didn't) during those times, that act would never have undone all the hurt. I know it probably sounds radical but I put such behavior alongside homicide. Consider the millions of people that were affected. What happens when a murderer apologizes in a court of law? An apology does very little to reduce the penalty -- he/she goes to prison in many countries. What happens when a JW commits some disfellowshipping act and shows no repentance? Absolutely no mercy there! However, when the GB does something egregious like this, where is the justice toward the victims -- where are the punitive measures?Len
  • DesirousOfChange

    Somehow I don't think Jehovah would by guiding this pretentious lying or false prophesying ?

    I regret that I was really slow about awakening to that same conclusion. But once I did, we were outta there. I see many more awakening!! .................DOC

  • hyperpen

    I skipped going to college out of HS in 1983 because the New System was then, as now, "just around the corner." With my perfect grade point average, my guidance counselor was in shock that I was going to pioneer FT instead of going right to college. That summer after graduation, as my former comrades were preparing to leave for college, I worked as a janitor in a nearby school... After I left the JW, I finally earned my AA, then BA, and then finally MBA nearly ten years ago. Glad I am no longer waiting for the NSOT!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, FatFreek:

    Wishing you and yours well.

    Do you recall putting up the cover of AWAKE! that showed the elderly Bethelites whose generation would not pass away until all these things occurred? I identified Clarence Ulrich for you. Many on that cover were dear friends to me -- and they are all gone. As you may already know, not all on the cover claimed to be of the anointed remnant (if that term is even understood by newer JWs).

    I worked with them at Bethel; we were all so dedicated to searching out worthy ones, truly believing our work at the factory would take us to our goal. Not to forget the hours spent in the field after work and all weekend long!

    I don't regret my service to my fellowman and to the One whom I once revered as The Almighty. But I, too, quit college and had 15 minutes of fame as a Bethel poster boy after giving my experience at a Kings County assembly.

    What a world, what a world . . .

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Oh, yes, CoCo -- I remember that cover well. For those who don't, here it is below since it closely ties in to another of Watchtower blunders.

    What I don't remember is the back story of all those who contributed with the identities and their birth and death years. It was a group effort. The above graphic gave an extremely dramatic effect to that 1984 Watchtower cover -- an effective notification to the GB that they had failed once again. Not a single apology from them on that one either.

    Your relation to them, CoCo is indeed precious, a person on this forum, you, with a history of intimacy with those hand picked icons of faithfulness to that organization. Thank you for letting us know about this.


  • Freeandclear

    This Organization is so insidious. They ruin lives. The influence major decisions of all their members, they keep them in slavery. I think it's actually much better with the mega churches, yes they also ask for and receive large amounts of money, but what do their parishioners have to do? Just show up and give. After they walk out the door their obligation is over. If they want to leave and never come back, no problem. If they want to live a life of sin and debauchery, no problem. It doesn't affect them at all. At least THAT is honest.

    This organization steals the most precious thing a human being has. Time. Time and effort and energy and passion. It sucks the life right out of a person, and if you leave or disagree it also takes all your friends and in some cases family away too!

    I didn't used to hate these people. And I don't hate any of the R&F witnesses at all but the elders, and the higher ups and especially the GB, they all have to know better to some degree that it's all a load of absolute horse shit. It is and they know it.

    They should just change the whole format and make it like a more typical big church organization with no life disrupting penalties if you leave. But we all know that will never happen.

    From here on out I will voice my opinion to any who are studying or any of my old friends. I don't care. They need to hear the truth about the Troof. What a joke. I still can't believe I was so snowed in by all of this shit...... sickens me.

    I have a good life. Things turned out okay. I missed out on a free ride to MIT, so what? I make good money and I did it all on my own, but the years I wasted slaving away for nothing...that hurts. The loss of many good friends hurts too. Thankfully I had no family in the bOrg to lose..but I know most of you did and that angers me greatly.....

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    THANK YOU, Len!

    It's helpful to see the cover once again, with all the vital statistics. Does the original thread still exist in the archives? I hope so, in order to retrace the contributions leading to the final rendering above.

    Ann was dear to me, in particular; Nurse Sophie was a kick in the pants; Clarence was a jokester; John was onetime missionary partner to a good friend; Mary was sweet and hardworking; George was . . .

    Your insightful point about my relation to them -- the remembrance nestled away somewhere in my cranium till now -- is why I do not regret my time spent as a JW. I could have known these dear people in another time, setting, church . . .


  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    This may help revive things, CoCo. I quote from a thread that may put it all together.

    That was some three years ago and it was quite an experience asking for help on names and dates. As I remember it began with this thread. Aussie Oz made a great contribution.

    It continued with this thread.

    A year or so later, this thread was added.

    Len Miller

  • Finkelstein

    They should just change the whole format and make it like a more typical big church organization with no life disrupting penalties if you leave. But we all know that will never happen.

    Two important consequences to why the WTS is so rigidly controlling onto its members.

    The core doctrines of this faith are false and made up to enhance the proliferation of the literature the WTS publishes so people have to watched with close scrutiny to their subjective loyalty to those doctrines and the organization in its entirety.

    The self structuring of the organization is held up as uniquely different than all other Christian based faiths.

    The truth The truth

    Be strongly avowed to the doctrines or get out.

    The power is noticeably cranked up in this organization toward the top leaders and you have to make a personal vow to them (GB) upon your baptism, in spite of their lies and corruption running their own publishing house.

  • Mozzie

    I watched a documentary on the 1875 ballz up, Man what a nasty thing to happen to everyone that gave up everything, but it was the truth apparently, i look at these young ones today in the witnesses and think, what hope do they have also.

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