Did I imagine a brief thaw in the Watchtower injunction against going to university?

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    So it seems the thaw lasted roughly from 1992 to 2005.

    This is absolutely true. Quite a few went to school of some kind and -- not-so-shockingly -- all of the kids in "that generation" are still "in the truth."

    They make a decent living, serve the Borg on weekends, and do OK for themselves.

    Keep 'em happy, they don't question.

    However, not only did the "thaw" not last, but with the recent AMIII JWBroadcast bashing college, the stance on college has been frozen in place harder than ever.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    One other difference is that pre-1992, it was just really looked down on, but it still happened. Some JW kids still went to college. I don't remember anyone back then losing privileges because of it. I knew at least 2 elders who sent their kids to college. Now, though, it's basically a sin.

    They've tripled-down on it. College is the worst thing ever. Parents can lose privileges if they send a kid to college.

  • slimboyfat

    As a result of the crackdown JWs are now the worst educated religious group in America. I wonder if that chart would have been much different in the late 1990s during the thaw.


  • dbq407

    A recent watchtower cover had what looked to be a JW college student preaching. I thought there would be an article in the watchtower about the cover but there was none. Maybe they will slowly introduce that its ok to go to college now. Hard to say with these a$$holes.

    link to watchtower cover:


  • Finkelstein

    There really hasn't been a thaw in ostracizing higher education which goes all the way back to Rutherford's era.

    The leaders wanted people to spread about the WTS literature ( pioneer ) or work at their printing plants,

    not even to get married .

    GB member Gerrit Losch's recent talk and his analogy of one pursuing higher education is in kind to putting a gun to your own head. Tells what is the position held and postulated by the GB these days.

    Same old coercion, same old lies, manipulation and fear mongering.

  • BluesBrother

    I would not know how to look for this on J W Broadcasting but I seem to recall an interview with someone from the Legal Dept. It was freely admitted that in the past the Society sponsored suitable Bethelites to go to Law School and get a degree because they needed the in-house expertise.

    The point of this interview was that they had stopped it now because the young men had found it hard to maintain spirituality in that environment

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    SBF, check you personal messages for some good news.
  • blondie
    I live in a large university town (40,000 students) and there continues to be some jws and jw children that go to college here. It is more acceptable for males though....support a family you see. Some have non-jw fathers that order them to go to college and the son must obey. They live at home and sometimes regular pioneer at the same time going to college. So far no elders have had to step down...too few elders and the other elders would get stuck with the chores. Some have gone to a 2-year college and transferred to a 4-year one in another area. Deception works. But so far going to college has not resulted in being df'd.
  • Oubliette

    SBF: Or did I imagine it?

    No you did not.

    The elder you are talking to either has a poor memory or is an idiot, maybe both.

    I thought you left this religion. Why are you still talking to elders?

  • cantleave
    I was sponsored by my company to go day release and block release. I experienced no criticism from the brothers as I was still at home and attending the meetings and therefore, I was not being unduly influenced by the worldly university spirit. I spent nearly a decade first first of all studying chemistry and then my MBA. It was hard work, but I was earning a salary and didn't have to pay for anything other than text books and travel.

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